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    Dwight is selling his entire collection of stuff this Saturday Oct 20, in Aberdeen. Includes some very nice antique and collectible firearms and cars. http://www.stevensauction.com/20%20Oct%202018%20web/cover.html Y'all really need to check this out. :)
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    PepperBall VKS lands $650,000 U.S. Army contract Pepper ball to be precise
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    I have a old Mossberg bolt action 22 rifle and that thing sounds like some type of hot ammo going off when I shoot it. I have also noticed the same thing with various pistols shooting plain marked ammo. Could it possibly be tighter grooves or lands on the rifling?? Maybe a barrel that was made...
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    Just stirring up some conversation on the topic of customization. Seems to be getting very popular lately according to this article. :) Personally, I don't have any "Gucci Guns" since it can get pretty expensive, and what little I've done with a couple is purely for functional purposes...
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    Why do they call it "buy back"? They are not buying them back. They are just buying them. Anyway, here is the article: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Mayor George Flaggs Jr. wants to put the city of Vicksburg in the gun business. The mayor Friday...
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    For the VN vets. Don't know if any of y'all ever did this, but even if you didn't you had to respect the guts these men had. I never did this, but did meet one guy who had been a tunnel rat. Excerpt w/video:
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    I'm kind of hesitant to say anything, in fear of jinxing it . . . but . . . there's a chance that I will be acquiring one of my "bucket list" guns this weekend. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember - over 30 years, but I've never been in a situation to afford one. Hopefully now, -...
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    Is there a reputable site for pricing on used pre-loved guns?
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    We've all done it, for one reason or another, sold or traded a gun we later regretted letting go. Some of them we regretted more than others. Here is my list, in no particular order: S&W model 36 Chief Special .38 Special 2" bbl S&W model 10 .38 Special 3" heavy bbl, round butt S&W model 19...
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    Source: National Vital Statistics Reports.
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    Simple answer: Because they are supposed to be dangerous. That said, it seems that for the last however many decades, every new model that comes out has some new "safety" feature. Manual safeties, trigger safeties, Hillary holes, mag disconnects, loaded chamber indicators, various electronic...
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    Thieves steal over 30 guns in less than a minute from Tennessee shop (VIDEO) A Christmas morning break-in at Double Tap Tactical in Clarksville has left a shop owner reeling and police on the lookout for the bandits. According to ClarksvilleNow.com, police responded to the alarm within...
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    Saw this question on a facebook page, What gun/guns just have no appeal to you, even if it's a good firearm, just doesn't appeal enough to you to own? For me it's Any Glock AK's Beretta 92's Mag Caliber rifles