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  1. Central Mississippi
    Come see me this weekend. Sit a spell and have some pistachios courtesy of Southern Reloading. I’ll be out front under the awning so you don’t have to pay if you don’t wanna go in. I’ll be having a steak Saturday night at the next exit down 55 if anyone wants to join me
  2. Central Mississippi
    It's a Milstead show. Not going to set up today so I have no idea how many tables. New South Gun Shows -
  3. Central Mississippi
    It's at the Whahabi Shrine Temple on 55 south. Here's a link for a $1 off admission: COUPON I'll be set up out front, come by and say hi. If you're a Veteran, current military, law enforcement or a first responder, I'll sharpen your knife for free. Donnie and Gloria have some new Microtechs...
1-3 of 4 Results