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  1. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    About to finish my AR but ran into a little problem. I had bought a Magpul handguard some years ago but I am not puttng an A2 front sight on the barrel. This means there is no ring to hold the front of the handguard is place. Do I have to install a free float handguard now? I am an AR newbie and...
  2. Long Guns
    Is this upper wood vented handguard factory ? I’d never even seen a wooden upper on a mini14 till this one. Googled image didn’t show me any with holes drill in them. Seller says it’s factory. I’m doubting it. Thanks
  3. Optics and Accessories
    Forum Friends … I may (or may not) have a PSA PA10. If I did, it would be a 'safe queen' but a keeper. I want to replace the standard handguards with some quad rails, but at a reasonable price. Picatinny rail preferred. The standard handguards look to be 8.5" in length, but … The AR10 top...
1-3 of 21 Results