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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    OK. That's not entirely true. I don't really hate .223/5.56 and in fact I rather like the cartridge. What I do hate is reloading the little buggers! I feel like I'm trying to load .25acp and hate handling the tiny components and trying to look down the little necks to check powder levels. This...
  2. "Boolit" Casting
    and myself for not looking this mold over when I received it.......probably 1 1/2 or 2 years ago. :groan: Absolutely no vents cut in the mold faces......none,nada,zip...zero. Way to go Shirley! You really checked this one out! Lol Damn at the luck I have. :oops: Keep in mind......this is what...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    I love the platform but hate that nothing is standard. Any one ever put a zhukov bottom hand guard on a zastava?
  4. Handguns
    But he makes some good points. :lol3:
  5. Outdoors
    took my pup out walking in the woods this morning and somehow I managed to find the one yellow jacket nest on 80acres. I have counted 32 stings so far...... they gave me a solid whooping. puppy managed to avoid them altogether. They have a gas bath in their very near future.
  6. General Firearms Discussion
    But, who has a glock 26, and how do you like it. I got it on my mind to buy one.
  7. Firearms Gallery
    I accidentally bought a gun yesterday. Wasn't interested in it and didn't want it but now I own it. I think the old saying "no good deed goes unpunished" must apply here. Chuck at Top Dollar puts some of his guns on Gunbroker. I've bought several off there. I was looking at his auctions...