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  1. Long Guns
    Stopped by Gary's in Columbus today, just snooping around. Actually was looking for one of the new Springfield Hellcats to wrap my hand around. Didn't have one, so fondled some other compacts. Liked a S&W but didn't have cash on me. On the way out went by the rifle rack and there was a Henry...
  2. Long Guns
    They state in the specs that the pistol caliber carbines (.357, .41,.44) mag capacity is 7 rounds. It ain't. It's 8 rds. Plus the usual 1 chambered of course. Thank you Henry. :D
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    I have it on good authority that Henry will be coming out with a line of lever guns (including pistol caliber) in the next couple months that will have synthetic stocks, rails, fiberoptic sights, side gate, and other "tactical" stuff. I wonder if hanging rails and things on lever guns will...
  4. Handguns
    This new sidegate offering will be on the shelves very soon. It's kinda like the existing .410 shotgun but with a sorta pistol grip. Barrel is not quite 16" & OAL is 26". 5+1. Other than looking cool, I have no idea what it's intended to be used for. Snakes maybe? Pic below: New for 2019...
  5. Long Guns
    Looks like Henry has committed to bringing more sidegates into their lineup. Here's the new ones they emailed current owners about it. They're not up on the website yet, but will be in a few days. The .410 bore is a smoothbore shotgun. As with the first sidegates released earlier this year...
  6. Long Guns
    Anyone got a Henry 30-30? Or a 30-30 in general? I’m debating getting one and want some input.
  7. Long Guns
    This has been rumored for quite a while, but they just released it today. A review of the Cowboy Carbine: NEW Henry Side Gate Cowboy Carbine Review -
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    I tend to like personalizing my firearms in some way or another, so I'd like to get y'alls opinion on doing this to my BBSC. I have a few very nice 1890's Morgan dollars, and was thinking about embedding a couple in the butt stock. I have the tools and skills to do this, so what do y'all think...
1-8 of 34 Results