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    I think they were trying to tell me something
  2. Blades
    HB 451 is currently awaiting action in Judiciary B committee of the Mississippi House of Representatives. HB451 would remove certain blades like automatic knives from the prohibited possession list. If that sounds like a good idea, take a minute to contact some Judiciary B members, or your...
  3. Press Talk
    ‘We ask for your prayers’: Mother and her 6 children killed in Clinton, Miss. house fire
  4. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Well, it's almost national news -- Bearing Arms anyway ... Mississippi Man Claims Court House Violates His Gun Rights Different states have different rules and such for concealed carry. Some are constitutional carry and you can take your gun virtually anywhere not prohibited by federal law...
  5. Outdoors
    Looking to build a nice tree house for my boys. Wanted to see if anyone out there had any pictures, plans or recommendations?!
  6. General Firearms Discussion
    Legislation to Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act Introduced | RECOIL Earlier this week, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) reintroduced the Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act, which was previously introduced in the...
  7. Press Talk
    Democratic House Passes Second Gun Control Bill In Two Days http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2019/roll103.xml A day after Democrats in the House of Representatives passed a new background check bill, another gun control bill is moving out of the chamber and on to the Senate. On Thursday...
  8. Mississippi Gun Laws
    On Wednesday, February 13th, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed House Bill 1581 on a bipartisan, unanimous vote, 113-0. Now, the measure moves to the Senate where it is currently pending committee assignment and a hearing date. We will inform you of this information as soon as it...
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    New member from Louisiana. Dropping in to say hello
  10. Press Talk
    Granted, this is from Breitbart, which is about as much of a "news" site as the National Enquirer, but still . . . Democrats to Introduce Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales on Tuesday
  11. Press Talk
    South Carolina woman shoots, kills escaped inmate who broke into her house - NY Daily News South Carolina woman shoots, kills escaped inmate who broke into her house By KATE FELDMAN | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS l Bruce McLaughlin Jr., left, was shot and killed after breaking out of prison early...
  12. Mississippi Concealed Carry
    I don’t often eat at Waffle House, maybe once every couple of months. But even that may be too often. As I was walking into our one in McComb this morning at around 8:30, I noticed a smallish, square sticker on the inside door that read “No firearms allowed.” I had never noticed this sign...
  13. Press Talk
    They took the lottery bill up on a motion to reconsider and passed it. It now goes to the Governor for his signature to become a reality.
  14. Mississippi Gun Laws
    Just walked in last week and they had them setup at the entrance to the tax collectors area. With 2 Sheriff deputies asking if you are armed when you set off the detector (they took my word for it and didn't try to search me). One of the only times I haven't carried. I have to go back in a...
  15. Press Talk
    NRA-ILA | Illinois: House Passes Bill for Firearm Surrender Without Due Process On May 23rd, the Illinois state House of Representatives voted 80-32 to pass House Amendment 2 to House Bill 2354 to allow Second Amendment rights to be revoked without due process. HA 2 to HB 2354 now goes to the...
  16. Press Talk
    :groan: Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 | Assault Weapon | Magazine (Firearms)
  17. Mississippi Gun Laws
    As of this writing, 23 Feb. 2018, House Bill 1083 is referred to Judiciary A of the Senate. The members of this committee are: Briggs Hopson Chairman [email protected] Sally Doty Vice Chairman [email protected] Juan Barnett Member [email protected] Barbara Blackmon Member...
  18. Press Talk
    Bill upping oversight on Homeland Security guns heads to House floor A measure backed by a California Democrat would see tighter regulation on how the Department of Homeland Security tracks and manages its more sensitive items.
  19. Press Talk
    House also probing Obama-era Uranium One deal, DeSantis says
  20. Press Talk
    Mississippi to house 1,200 prisoners from Puerto Rico