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  1. South Mississippi
    Anyone know of any public places the duck hunt here is south MS. I heard from someone you can hunt Bay St. Louis? Can you, any good spots. Me and a few Seabees here are itching for some ducks.
  2. South Mississippi
    My 8 year old son has been wanting to go hunting. I was wanting to do some one on one time with him before I deploy overseas. I live in Long Beach and we don't have any land. I was hoping someone could knows of some public land where there are dove. Or if you feeling generous allowing my son...
  3. Outdoors
    I would like to thank DEADEYE1 once again for doing the deal with me to get the muzzleloader in my hands before my hunt. Guy pictured below has been on the hit list on a ranch in Kansas for 4 years, and was a 4yo deer when they first started hunting him. Out here, it's all about maturity, not...
  4. Outdoors
    Participating again in this yrs handicapped youth hunt. Hosting a 6 yr old boy and his Dad. Hunting this afternoon and tomorrow. Wish us luck. Dhollis, do you still do this? If you do, Best of luck to y'all. Bruce.
  5. North Mississippi
    Does anyone know of any pay dove hunts/shoots in the Yazoo City, Belzoni area northward? Thanks in advance!
1-5 of 9 Results