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  1. Firearms Gallery
    I have a couple Ruger Bisley Hunters. One in 44 mag and one in 45 Colt. I had a scope mounted in the factory rings on the 44 mag but the scope was sliding with recoil and was playing havoc on my groups. So I ordered some mounts from Weigand and switched some stuff around. i put a Fast Fire 3...
  2. North Mississippi
    Dirt road part of the way. That's ok. Took the wife, since she wanted to see what Adrian had in his 12 freezers. LOTS of sausage. Pic below: Upper left is that Joey Special, upper right is a cream cheese, lower left is Breakfast Bangers, and last but not least a smoked chicken quartered...
  3. Blades
    Anybody collect folding hunters? Here’s a few Kabar folding hunters I pulled out of the safe.
  4. Outdoors
    MDWFP - Chronic Wasting Disease confirmed in a Mississippi White-tailed Deer
  5. Outdoors
    Biggest and brightest full moon of 2017 will light things up this Sun. nite:
  6. General Firearms Discussion
    But my Mossberg Maverick 88 would work just as well close-in ... and be cheaper, too! <sarc> DroneDefender Chinese police department using anti-drone guns Counter UAV Jammer Blocks GNSS and Remote Control
  7. New Member Welcome Center
    Hello, first to all Service Members, Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders Thank You for Your Service. Thanks also too the Gunsmiths and Dealers that keep us repaired, replenished and ready to roll. I'm looking for a Marlin Lever action chambered in 35 Rem. this particular weapon...
1-7 of 12 Results