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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    What would be the best bullet type and weight for whitetail in MS.? I’m reloading my own, so I need some info before I waste my time and money on stuff I don’t need. I’m looking for something that won’t damage the meat or blow shoulders off, but drop them as quick as possible as long as I do my...
  2. South Mississippi
    Hey all. Just moved to Biloxi area. Took care of my hunter's safety class and git a hunting license. Only things I'm interested in hunting are hogs and coyotes. Any ideas where to go? Any local landowners like help in getting rid of some?
  3. Outdoors
    Shimano Stradic winner! And unseen clips!
  4. Press Talk
    Dick's Sporting Goods Announces It Will Remove Guns and Hunting Products from Majority of Stores Two years after banning so-called “assault weapons, Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced it will now eliminate the hunting section and all firearms from a majority of its stores. The retailer made...
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    watch the video and see his reaction. This was around Christmas time. Surprising best friend with a hunting rifle
  6. Outdoors
    Sorry about the hazy pics. I should of had the overhead light on. Still learning
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    now he’s trying to put meat on the table! Surprising best friend with a hunting rifle
  8. Outdoors
    If you are able to go and want to kill a buck . Sunday December 8 -Saturday December 14. If you are able to go; looks like Wed. 12/11 and Thursday 12/12 from 1pm- dark legal shooting hours; 30 minutes past sun down on your calender or local weather station. I have been able to do this since the...
  9. Outdoors
    Sleep deprived Deer Hunting!
  10. Outdoors
    I GOT SCHOOLED! Folks! I’m not a hunter, I only shoot paper, steel and varmits! Was wondering why so many deer and other animals were being seen beside the road. Went to the ms wildlife site to see what season is going on. Looking a little deeper saw “Snipe” I always thought they...
  11. Long Guns
    Not sure if this has been posted before or not, but worth the entertainment value.
  12. Outdoors
    we all have that one. Mine is an old Savage 111 30-06. What's yours?
  13. General Firearms Discussion
    The owner of these fields is great. The field prep info is also very good. DAMN.............. I miss a good opening day dove hunt. .
  14. Outdoors
    Fixing to hit the woods on my place in Clinton. Will report later if I did any good. Got a 30.06, a buddy heater, grunt call, primos can, and a little anti-freeze. Anybody else going, be safe out there.
  15. Outdoors
    People have hunted for meat, hides (shelter and clothing), tools & weapons, jewelry, and trophies for as long as there have been people. Yet some seem to think it's a new phenomenon. :groan: Excerpt:
  16. Firearms Gallery
    I’ll start with mine. Redhawk in 44 mag. With Simmons 4x scope.
  17. Mississippi Air Rifles
    I'm sure all of y'all know that every state surrounding Mississippi "ALLOWS" whitetail deer hunting with a big bore airgun?? Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas. Wonder why Mississippi is dragging their heels on adopting it here? Anybody heard anything about it lately? Thanks Ray
  18. Long Guns
    Before you tell me that .223 is a poor choice for hunting I must tell you that I am aware of it’s limitarions and I have almost exclusively hunted with .30-‘06s and various muzzleloaders. My stepdad had a CZ 527 .223 and killed more deer per year than is legal, using plain old Winchester 55...
  19. Outdoors
    1st day,
  20. Mississippi Air Rifles
    Watch group hunting iguana with 22 cal Benjamin gas air gun on GunVenture TV in Puerto Rico. Looking like their having fun. Apparently, they are a Huge pest.