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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/richard-cole-air-force-pilot-and-last-of-the-doolittle-raiders-dies-at-103/2019/04/10/dc0c3386-5b12-11e9-a00e-050dc7b82693_story.html RIP, Colonel! The first crew of Doolittle Raiders, whose plane was the first to take off for a daring 1942...
  2. Press Talk
    My, oh my! "Testing" Pres. Trump and SECDEF Mattis again ... THIS can't be good, but I'm certain that the U.N. and the Security Council will "get right on it" ... or not (w/ChiCom and Russian vetoes). :warning: :warning: :warning: North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into sea, angering...