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  1. Mil-Surp / C&R
    The gun that got me into collecting milsurps. My great grandfather served in the Navy during World War Two on the USS Gazelle. When he got back home in 1946 he brought this rifle and bayonet home with him. My grandma gave it to me when I was 16 and I’ve had the bug ever since. Included is a...
  2. Mil-Surp / C&R
    I need a magazine spring. Does anyone have any idea what might work? Since it's the Carcano action should it be a Carcano 1891 mag spring. Any other idea's that might work with slight mods to the spring? Any suggestions? Not having any luck so open to suggestions or expertise. If i try to...
  3. Blades
    Just some eye candy from various Japanese knife makers. :D Many more pics at the link. http://www.japaneseknifedirect.com/Custom%20.html
  4. Mil-Surp / C&R
    I spent a good chunk of the day reorganizing and cataloging all of the items in my Japanese display and I finished earlier this evening. Keeping track of serial numbers and overall condition of 14 rifles, 1 handgun, and 7 bayonets can be a pain but it's fun as I get to handle all kinds of items...
  5. Mil-Surp / C&R
    This came into my possession recently and even though it looks abused and unusable it means a ton to me to have it in my collection. This piece is a small book detailing the operation and maintenance of the type 38 arisaka rifle and carbine. It also has several fold outs that show cutaway...
1-5 of 19 Results