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  1. Ka-Bar Fighting and Utility Knife

    Almost picked up a new production Ka-Bar knife while at Smokey Mountain Knife Works this past Sunday. They only had ones with the serrated part near the hand guard and I just wasn’t sold on it. I’d like one without the serrations. Carried a China mart version for a long time just to have a fixed...
  2. US Marked Knife

    Would anyone know info on this knife?
  3. Knife sheath

    Frodo fashioned me a knife sheath for one I had no cover for. Excellent turnaround and shipping
  4. Affordable Bowie or Camp Knife

    Im trying to find an affordable one. For me that's less than $100. The ones I find either are crazy expensive or look like they are cheap and may break or come apart with some hard use. Anyone have any suggestions. Now I'm having to use my k-bar, but would like something more substantial.
  5. old automatic knife

    I was looking through some of my knives and found this one. I think it was made in the 60's. Boker automatic w/ locking blade
  6. Knife from my dad

    Firearms Gallery
    My dad is a hobbyist. Lately he has taken a fancy to buying knife blades from Jantz and fitting the parts to them. He did this one for me and gave it to me this evening. Beautiful job he did using ebony and ivory handle material. I love this kinda stiff. More precious to me than if he’d handed...
  7. Bought a knife the Other Day

    Well the other day was slow at work so was checking out Ebay and stumbled across some damascus blade knives from a guy in New York. Didn't need the knife, but hey got caught up in the bidding I guess. So maybe it will be a good one. Neat looking little skinner.
  8. German Knife

    I have a nice pocket knife that was made in Germany. Carl Schlieper with a EYE inscription in a badge shield on the handle. It is a stockman frame, about 4 inches close. The blades have writing that says Solingen Germany. Appears to be D2 tool steel or similar. Easy to sharpen. I think my buddy...
  9. Sorting Through my Knife Collection

    I've got a couple of shoe boxes full of assorted knives that I've been accumulating for years. I thought it was about time I went through them and sorted them out, so as to get a grip on what I really had. I figured as long as I was doing that, I might as well take some pics. BUCK KNIVES 1...
  10. Homemade Butcher Knife

    I was at my grandparents house recently and spotted this hunk of steel. My aunt thinks its the knife that my great grandparents used to butcher hogs a long time ago. I know I'm scared to walk around with it without shoes on because I may lose a few toes if I drop it.
  11. Capitol City Gun Show this weekend

    Central Mississippi
    It's at the Whahabi Shrine Temple on 55 south. Here's a link for a $1 off admission: COUPON I'll be set up out front, come by and say hi. If you're a Veteran, current military, law enforcement or a first responder, I'll sharpen your knife for free. Donnie and Gloria have some new Microtechs...
  12. NYC Knife Case Headed To Supreme Court

    NYC Knife Case Headed To Supreme Court - Bearing Arms Knife Rights is going forward with an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States of the Second Circuit’s decision in favor of New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. in our long-running civil rights lawsuit over their...
  13. Afghan man arrested after knife attack in Paris wounds 7

    Press Talk
    Afghan man arrested after knife attack in Paris wounds 7 Seven people including two British tourists were wounded Sunday in Paris after they were attacked by a man armed with a knife and an iron bar, according to police and other sources. A source close to the inquiry said the suspect has been...
  14. Another Knife Attacker in Paris

    Press Talk
    Yes, the 'Religion of Peace' again ... Diversity, Inclusiveness -- and national/cultural suicide! :warning: Just acceptable risk management and collateral damage for President Macron! I guess Paris just needs some of that London-style "knife control" ... Paris attacker 'shouting Allahu...
  15. LeBartard Knife & blacksmith Show

    This Sat. 4/28/18. About 8 to 3.Food, drinks (donation if desire), vendors in blades, etc, few thundersticks generally there also. Live picking from locals. You will enjoy, if you go. Vancleave, Ms Upriver rd. Goggle/ or FB should get you there.
  16. My MTech Biohazard Scorpion Karambit knife

    :cool: Did cost me about $12. I don't know how practical it is, it's more like just a collectible one.
  17. Knife sheath?

    Who on here makes knife sheaths for sale? I am thinking about having a kydex knife sheath made for my knife that has a adjustable belt clip on it. This so I don't have to undo my belt to put it on or take it off, and adjustable so I can change from horizontal to vertical or anywhere in between...
  18. Skip the knife set — all you really need are these 3 knives

    Skip the knife set — all you really need are these 3 knives
  19. I met a knife maker at the Pascagoula show

    This guy really impressed me and I bought one of his knives. The first 3 pix are the one I bought. All knives come with either a leather or kydex sheath. Everything is done with files or drill bits except polishing and blades are from T1 tool steel. Really nice guy and knives were priced from...