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  1. Blades
    Almost picked up a new production Ka-Bar knife while at Smokey Mountain Knife Works this past Sunday. They only had ones with the serrated part near the hand guard and I just wasn’t sold on it. I’d like one without the serrations. Carried a China mart version for a long time just to have a fixed...
  2. Blades
    Would anyone know info on this knife?
  3. Blades
    Frodo fashioned me a knife sheath for one I had no cover for. Excellent turnaround and shipping
  4. Blades
    Im trying to find an affordable one. For me that's less than $100. The ones I find either are crazy expensive or look like they are cheap and may break or come apart with some hard use. Anyone have any suggestions. Now I'm having to use my k-bar, but would like something more substantial.
  5. Blades
    I was looking through some of my knives and found this one. I think it was made in the 60's. Boker automatic w/ locking blade
  6. Firearms Gallery
    My dad is a hobbyist. Lately he has taken a fancy to buying knife blades from Jantz and fitting the parts to them. He did this one for me and gave it to me this evening. Beautiful job he did using ebony and ivory handle material. I love this kinda stiff. More precious to me than if he’d handed...
  7. Blades
    Well the other day was slow at work so was checking out Ebay and stumbled across some damascus blade knives from a guy in New York. Didn't need the knife, but hey got caught up in the bidding I guess. So maybe it will be a good one. Neat looking little skinner.
  8. Blades
    I have a nice pocket knife that was made in Germany. Carl Schlieper with a EYE inscription in a badge shield on the handle. It is a stockman frame, about 4 inches close. The blades have writing that says Solingen Germany. Appears to be D2 tool steel or similar. Easy to sharpen. I think my buddy...
1-9 of 84 Results