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  1. Mississippi Gun Laws
    I stumbled across this web site that says it is current through the 2018. It was written jointly by the (former) Mississippi Attorney General and the ATF. Make sure that you scroll down to the bottom of page 9 where they describe local gun-related ordinances for the following cities: Biloxi...
  2. Press Talk
    Everyone post links to articles with "Sad Stories" were Red Flag Law, ERPO, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, an Gun Violence Restraining Orders go wrong. It does not have to be all death. Just post anything related to this topic being bad. That could include articles on unconstitutionalality...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    Excerpt from link at bottom: Gun Confiscation “red-flag” Orders were drafted and are being promoted nationally by Leftist anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. They would allow an angry relative or the police to make a telephone call to a judge. And, based on that telephone call, the judge can...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    coming from Naples FL, I’m very happy and pleased by Mississippi gun laws. almost every one and there granny supports our 2’nd amendment.
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    And you'll never guess the reason why. ;) Excerpt:
  6. Press Talk
    Police legally seizing guns under 'red flag' laws SEATTLE – Alexander Mckenzie, a 31-year-old Army veteran who, according to court documents, is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, recently had his gun confiscated by the Seattle Police Department even though he had committed no...
  7. Press Talk
    http://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2017/05/08/mississippi-guns-stolen/101428540/ Not only do stolen guns turn up back on the street, said Mississippi Association of Gang Investigators spokesman Agent Daniel Dunlap, who is with the Alcohol Beverage Control, he can't remember a case he's...
  8. Press Talk
    Surprised this made it onto the internet: Berlin mulls how to further strengthen gun laws after Munich attack | News | DW.COM | 24.07.2016
  9. Press Talk
    California chaos: Gun owners promise non-compliance following new laws
  10. Press Talk
    Arizona passes novel plan to reject expanded background check laws
  11. USPSA & IPSC
    So I have a really silly question that has been rolling around in the back of my mind for a while now. For those that travel the competition circuit; do all of the sanctioning bodies have special rules for places like California and Maryland? California also has a new law that looks like it is...
  12. Mississippi Gun Laws
    I can't seem to find the last thread for some reason, but I got this from the NRA today in the email.
  13. Mississippi Gun Laws
    Is it legal for concealed carry permit holder to carry at Hal & Mal's? Is Hal & Mal's concealed carry friendly? I searched the Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame threads and got no search results in either thread. I'm no longer a resident of MS and now live in LA. I have a state issued CHP...