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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    'Unconstitutional' Connecticut gun-control law prompts Second Amendment lawsuit Several gun rights organizations filed a lawsuit last week against a draconian law enacted by Connecticut legislators in 2013. Enacted not too long after the Dec. 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    Judge Rules In Multi-State Lawsuit Seeking To Halt Publication of 3-D Printed Gun Blueprints Federal Judge Robert Lasnik on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order against Cody Wilson and his company, Defense Distributed, which would bar the federal government from allowing Wilson's...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    5 sue feds over wrongful NICS denials, sluggish appeal process Five plaintiffs who have been refused guns or suppressors due to a stagnant background check appeal process are taking the federal government to court over the matter. The men, who live in Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi and...
1-3 of 11 Results