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  1. "Boolit" Casting
    This new 125gn .358 mold came in Wednesday from Midway and as typical,first thing I did was look for who inspected it. To my surprise......no Shirley lol Actually.......it was just.....inspected by “number 1”. Surely not Shirley lol So far it’s been a pretty decent running mold. lol
  2. Reloading/Ammunition
    Picked up a lee mount system last weekend and got it mounted. Its setup for cartridge presses and not the Lee Load-All shotgun presses. But since I also picked up a 12 and 20 gauge Lee Load-All press I wanted to figure out a way to be able to mount them to it. First I mounted my turret press...
  3. Reloading/Ammunition
    LEE DELUXE APP PRESS Thinking had about getting one of these for sizing my powdercoated bullets. Seen a video posted on a Facebook group of one and that thing was trucking. Way faster than the usual Lee sizer and placing one at a time......possibly mashing a finger (it is possible when the...
  4. "Boolit" Casting
    If you are new to casting and got a Shirley inspected mold from Lee, read this article and rejoice at the results. It will work on an iron mold as well to get some of the rust out of a neglected mold. Use at your own risk!! I won't be responsible for YOUR results. Castpics and Reloaders...
  5. Reloading/Ammunition
    I have a couple of the Lee case trim guides that come with a shell holder. Does anyone know if that shell holder is the same shell holder that you buy for normal die operations? If it is, then it saves me from buying a new shell holder for a new caliber.
  6. General Firearms Discussion
    It looks like Tennessee is going the way of Mississippi: it now has a CCW permit (w/o training) --> and an Enhanced CCW permit. $100 for an enhanced CCW permit for eight years isn't a bad deal for Tennessee residents! "There will not be an application fee for a concealed handgun carry permit"...
  7. Blades
  8. "Boolit" Casting
    and myself for not looking this mold over when I received it.......probably 1 1/2 or 2 years ago. :groan: Absolutely no vents cut in the mold faces......none,nada,zip...zero. Way to go Shirley! You really checked this one out! Lol Damn at the luck I have. :oops: Keep in mind......this is what...
  9. Reloading/Ammunition
    Guess I going to try and speed up the rifle cartridge loading in the ammo plant. Made a bid on this thing on eBay of the absolute most I'd pay for it and apparently that was more than anyone wanted to pay for it and I won it. This is like the 12th one I've bid on lol Seems folks like to pay...
  10. Reloading/Ammunition
    Was reading earlier and come across this.. In case some of you guys use them. "I started using Lee collet dies when they first came on the market and have found that they are very good for the purposes for which they were designed. I have found that there is a lack of understanding of how to...
  11. Reloading/Ammunition
    A while back, a buddy of mine gave me a Lee Load All II 12 gauge shotshell reloading press. It had been disassembled (for reasons) and placed in a box. Until recently, it remained in that box. But now, it's all back together and ready to be put to work reloading the 400-500 (or more maybe) once...
  12. Reloading/Ammunition
    So, this happened almost as soon as I started processing the 2K pieces of .223 brass I ordered: Got on the Lee website to order spares. They're $3.50 apiece, no big deal, put 5 in my cart, click on CHECK OUT. Got a message saying as a "Special Price" for me, they're free - all I had to pay...
  13. Reloading/Ammunition
    I bought a Lee Power Trimmer after I ordered 2,000 pieces of .223 brass - that crap gets OLD really quick trimming by hand! But, being the impatient type, I used my VSR electric drill. Probably shouldn't have done that. PROBLEM: SOLUTION:
  14. General Firearms Discussion
    He was killed last Feb, 20,2016. Shooting fund raiser was at MS LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS TRAINING RANGE in Pearl. TThere was One on One 6 plate; M4 100 yd 3 rd Bullseye; Pistol walk back steel; 25 yd pistol Bullseye; Unknown distance Rifle & Pistol silhouette course. CURIOUS if anyone here...
  15. Reloading/Ammunition
    I told my bride to be on the lookout for containers to hold my dies. She went to ChinaMart and found these for $2.50 each. They actually lock air-tight. I had looked at red Lee containers for $5 each, I think I like these better.
  16. Reloading/Ammunition
    Anybody use them? How do you like them? Thinking of getting one for .223 brass. Thanks,
  17. Reloading/Ammunition
    First of all.......if you have to manually do anything to an item with auto in its name,it's not "auto". When I want to charge a case on a auto-index turret press.....it should do its job.....dump the powder and reset.....end of story. If I have the auto-drum powder measure,them the name implies...
  18. Reloading/Ammunition
    All my grandkids like to help reload. The little ones have trouble working the Lee auto prime. Thinking of getting the Bench auto prime. Now to find it for less than $32.74 shipped.