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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    CZ Going Public? Prague Stock Exchange to List Company's Shares - In a press release dated May 31st, 2020, Czechoslovakian firearms manufacturer Česká zbrojovka Group SE (CZG for short, more commonly known as CZ) announced shares of their company will be listed on the Prague Stock Exchange as...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    Firearms … ammo … holsters and other accessories, etc. Asking for a Santa's Helper ... Mine? An inexpensive AK-47 or a 7.62X39 AR. (Are there even such things as inexpensive AKs?) ETA: Just for Christmas fun. Mrs. Claus has already "allowed" me to buy target ammo and firearms training.
  3. Outdoors
    I would like to thank DEADEYE1 once again for doing the deal with me to get the muzzleloader in my hands before my hunt. Guy pictured below has been on the hit list on a ranch in Kansas for 4 years, and was a 4yo deer when they first started hunting him. Out here, it's all about maturity, not...
1-3 of 10 Results