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  1. Local Protest SITREP

    General Off Topic
    Post updates if you see protests happening in you neck of the woods. saw about 30 folks gathered on the corner of Goodyear and HWY 11 in Picayune last night.
  2. Local shooting spots?

    Central Mississippi
    From Jackson, looking for places to pew-pew
  3. Devotion Thank God for Your Local Church.

    General Off Topic
    “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with...
  4. Ohio residents vote to dissolve 119-year-old community after local government's secret tax increase

    Round Table
    Ohio residents vote to dissolve 119-year-old community after local government's secret tax increase
  5. Natchez Alderman proposes local gun control ordinance

    Round Table
    Natchez Alderwoman, Joyce Arceneaux-Mathis proposed a local gun control ordinance / AWB at Tuesday's meeting. The motion died for lack of a second. Natchez alderwoman proposes local gun control ordinance - Mississippi's Best Community Newspaper
  6. Local source (South MS) for Musket Caps, #10 caps

    South Mississippi
    May be a long shot, but does anyone know of a south Mississippi source (say from Hattiesburg to the Coast) that sells #10 percussion caps and musket caps? I have plenty of #11 caps. I'm trying to avoid HazMat shipping fees.
  7. HELP need a grave marker/headstone local advice

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    hey guys, we have had a loss in the family and need to buy a flush grave marker or stone. does anyone know of a local place her in central MS? my wife was getting ready to order one online, but it says 4-6 weeks. we are having the funeral in 2 weeks and she would like to have it by then.
  8. Local Place to "Defarb"?

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Looking for a local joint (MS/LA) that can "Defarb" a Traditions Kentucky pistol. I would love to display this pistol but the giant markings need to go (or get moved under the woodline) would rather deal local before shipping out. If anyone knows a joint that is good at removing these...
  9. Local HGTV Fixer-Upper Show: 'Home Town'

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    This show is new to me, but is in season #3. Out of Laurel, MS. Home Town Anybody else watch it? Monday evenings.
  10. Very Local crime spree

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    Recently there was a Silver Alert for someone in our neighborhood. Story Dale Qualls, who lived in Learned, about two miles from my home. Monday morning, a real meth head ran off the road on the outskirts of Learned. He walked to a house and asked for help. Story Qualls agreed to help him...
  11. Looking for local source...

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Any stores in southern Mississippi carry any 6.5 Grendel magazines? Also looking for a box or 2 of the wolf steel case 6.5 Grendel ammo. Thanks!
  12. Any local deals on stripped AR15 lowers?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Are there any deals on stripped AR15 lowers in southern Mississippi? After you pay shipping and or FFL processing charges from the on line sites and then FFL transfer fees it just isn't that great a deal. So i am looking for local deals. Thanks
  13. Another good read about a local soldier

    General Off Topic
    1LT Waverly Wray and His M1 Rifle: There Can Be Only One M1 - GunsAmerica Digest
  14. France is proposing to give all local cops guns

    Round Table
    France Considers The Unthinkable: Arming Local Police Officers France is proposing to give all local cops guns France’s government has an unusual policy when it comes to arming its police officers. For officers at the local level, the government prohibits them from carrying, though they are...
  15. Local guys bag big gator on Columbus Lake

    North Mississippi
    Couple local guy's and one 5yo boy bagged a 12'6" gator on Columbus lake last week. Weighed over 600lbs. Scan of the story:
  16. ATTN: M&G Attendees. Local Pawn shop deals (Gulf Coast)

    General Firearms Discussion
    FYI I stopped by Friendly Pawn (17437 Highway 49 North, Saucier, MS 39574) today while out and about running errands. It's a seedy looking joint, but the folks there are nice, and I've bought from them on several occasions. Today, I noticed a few items that seemed to be fairly good deals, so I...
  17. Targets for local 4H club

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    They contacted us last week and wanted some 1/2 size NRA targets. Got em painted today and they turned out nice
  18. Made a 1000 yd target for the local SWAT team today

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    The plate for the SWAT team is 36" x 30" per their request. We also finished the second prototype for a plate rack. It was a good day.
  19. Its Official according to local tv news today

    Press Talk
    Our state's remaining Dimwit in chief, Jim the Hood is running for governor, guess where that internet sales tax revenue is going to wind up? This DINO, a RINO in all but name is as phony as can possibly be and needs to be defeated as fast as possible but never fear, Benny Boy and ex governor...
  20. Worst local news report ever

    Press Talk
    This has got to be the worst report I have ever seen: Council approves new residency requirements in Jackson The entire report says, "Jackson City Council members approved a change in residency requirements for some city employees." That's it. No details at all.