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    Hi everyone, long time gun enthusiast, shooter and antique gun collector from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Looks like a nice group here! Mike
  2. Mississippi Gun Laws
    A year-old political battle over firearms policies adopted by handful of national banks and financial institutions is still burning in the Louisiana State Capitol. House Bill 413 Rep. Blake Miguez, a New Iberia Republican and competitive shooter, would outlaw what he called “discrimination” by...
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    New guy here from southeast Louisiana St. Helena to be exact. I’ve been lurking on here for a few weeks now and decided to join up.
  4. New Member Welcome Center
    New member from Louisiana. Dropping in to say hello
  5. New Member Welcome Center
    Hello guys and gals! New member here from south Louisiana around the Lafayette area. Have been a lurker for a long time and decided to join up yesterday. Thanks for letting me join up! My interests include Glock G19 9mm pistols, SCCY CPX2 9mm pistols, SKS rifles, and Chinese T53 Mosin rifles.
  6. Press Talk
    Louisiana sheriff's office boycotting Ford police cars over NFL anthem protest stance
  7. Press Talk
    So this happened . . . . Central High changes course on anthem Apparently this is the world we now live in.
  8. Press Talk
    Louisiana gun shop owner is donating hundreds of bullet proof vests to local law enforcement
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    New guy here from Louisiana after being referred by another member. I am very much into C&R firearms and look foreward to joining in and sharing discussions on them.