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  1. Shots Fired - Madison Walmart

    Press Talk
    When approached by Madison loss prevention, a Jackson yute fired off a couple of caps and fled. But our MPD boys in blue arrested three suspects. As usual the articles are confusing. These morons can't figure out that Madison Co. judges and prosecutors don't hand out blessings. Wait a...
  2. New from Madison area

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hey guys and gals. New here from mad town USA. Heard about y’all thought I’d check it out
  3. Hello from Madison county

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    I am new here from a flat place with nothing and I am an army vet. I like guns and I build computers. One day I will make a computer gun. I am also looking to trade and sell a 308 Belgian Mauser carbine for another 308 rifle.
  4. Mississippi Man Claims Court House Violates His Gun Rights

    Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Well, it's almost national news -- Bearing Arms anyway ... Mississippi Man Claims Court House Violates His Gun Rights Different states have different rules and such for concealed carry. Some are constitutional carry and you can take your gun virtually anywhere not prohibited by federal law...
  5. $20 or less FFL transfers in Madison county

    Central Mississippi
    Anyone know a place in Madison county that can do transfers for $20 or less? I normally use Cowart's in Pearl, but lately its been difficult for me to get there before he closes due to my work schedule.
  6. Madison sheriff says guy who shot a deputy had two full auto M4s

    Press Talk
    Alleged shooter of Madison County Deputy used fully automatic military weapon If they are really full auto, I wonder if they were legal, or if he converted them.
  7. New to Madison/MS

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    Hey guys, New member here born and raised in KY and moved here recently from Nashville. We are building in Madison and look forward to getting into the shooting community here in MS! -Brad G
  8. Need a mule. Madison to Tupelo. Thanks

    General Firearms Discussion
    hey guys, I need to a item from Madison to the Tupelo area. If anyone could handle it please let me know. I just had surgery and can’t make the trip right now. Thanks
  9. Circle Seven Outpost & Provisions Madison is Closing

    General Firearms Discussion
    I received an invitation in the mail indicating that their store in Madison (100 Mannsdale Park Dr.) is closing, and they are having a "huge closing sale." The invitation only closing sale starts on September 6 and ends on September 12, and then a public announcement will be made. Anyone with...
  10. Madison County Officer Involved Shooting

    Press Talk
    Make sure you watch the videos: Wife: Husband unarmed when he was shot three times by Madison Co. Sheriff's deputy Madison Co. Sheriff says deputy was attacked in deadly shooting Sounds like a methed up situation. Also, I’m pretty sure “staff stick” is code for “meth pipe.”
  11. New member from Madison

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    Hello to all.....
  12. Madison MS new to site.

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    Hope everyone is well. See y’all around.
  13. Hi I'm a new member in the Madison area and I have a selling question

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    I started out selling some things on armslist. I recently found out about MSGO. I joined up and now look forward to getting to know my fellow members. I don't have an FFL. I have several long guns and a pistol or two that I will probably try to sell soon. Meanwhile I still have some things...
  14. New Academy Coming to Madison

    General Firearms Discussion
    Read in the paper that an Academy store is going to be built in Madison, with groundbreaking in June. Hobby Lobby, Academy at center of new retail center - Madison County Journal - Madison County Mississippi Dave