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  1. 1911 magazine ID

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    I've noticed some members very knowledgeable with 1911's. Maybe you can help identity this magazine. I had a Colt 1911 made in 1918 and sold it years ago. It came with the two tone magazine and another magazine. The two tone went with the sale and I kept this magazine. I searched to no avail...
  2. Franchi SPAS-12? Folding stock? Magazine extension?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Anyone have one of these? I have one on the way. Its an older version with the fixed stock, but I would really like to have the folding stock. I have done a brief google search, but came up with nothing. Anyone have any leads on where I could find one of these? Lastly, I ran across a website...
  3. H&K USP 45 Magazine Drops

    General Firearms Discussion
    Hey Everyone, I recently upgraded the mag release on my USP 45 with an extended mag release from HKParts. I went to the range today and had several live fire mag drops. Anyone else with a USP experience this issue? I don't think it's a grip issue. Happened with old and new factory mags. Might...
  4. Sig 220 compact magazine pinkie extensions?

    Need mag extensions for pinkie finger on my p220 compact 6 rds mags but have found nothing. Any suggestions?
  5. New Jersey magazine ban fails......

    Press Talk
    How you ask? NJ Magazine Ban Backfires as Not a Single One Has Been Turned In
  6. Browning Hi Power magazine identification help?

    I bought a used magazine a while back that was labeled for Browning Hi Power. It will not lock into my 9mm HP and upon investigation, the only differences is the overall height (unknown mag is taller). Could this mag possibly be for a .40S&W Hi Power? Are there other pistols that uses this...
  7. Amend2 Glick 19 Magazine

    General Firearms Discussion
    I really like the Amend2 AR magazines I’ve bought from Randy, so I was eager to see how these Glock magazines would do. I went through 45 rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger. Good news - no hiccups at all. Bad news - only found 43 out of 45 pieces of brass. The larger base plate was...
  8. Lost&Found-Loaded Single Stack Magazine

    General Firearms Discussion
    Dont know if there’s any legal consequences, but if you lost a single stack magazine loaded with (looks like) flat nosed .380 at Sam’s Club-Pearl; Customer Service has it... Was looking for some keys and they had a small box of found items with the magazine. If it was a 9mm Sig/Glock mag I...
  9. Magazine spring "set": fact or fiction?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Wondering if anyone has actually experienced magazine spring "set", i.e. feed malfunctions due to a magazine being left loaded for an extended period. I personally have never experienced such; I do rotate through magazines on a pretty regular basis in all firearms which are kept stored with...
  10. AK Drum Magazine Help?

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Recently just purchased an RPK with a drum magazine, nice gun but a little dumbfounded when it comes to loading the magazine. It's a 75 round drum and was wondering if anybody knows the correct way to loading them up.
  11. USPSA-legal 17 round P-14 (.45 acp) magazine

    Many of you will be familiar with the USPSA (and other practical shooting orgs) "141.25 mm" rule for pistol magazines in Limited and other divisions (except Open). This rule has contributed to the popularity of .40 S&W in USPSA and the waning of .45 acp, purely because the .40 magazines can hold...
  12. Are magazine speed loaders gun brand specific?

    General Firearms Discussion
    I started looking for a speed loader for 9mm S&W Shield magazines and I noticed that 9 mm speed loaders are advertised as gun specific. Are they? I have several loaders (.223, .22, .45, .40 and possibly a 9mm that I can't find) but have not bought one for a while. I thought they were pretty...
  13. Source for flat rifle magazine spring material

    Have a Remington 788 in 223 in which the spring in the magazine broke at one of the bends. Did find a new mag at the time, maybe 10 years ago. Have not found any mags or replacement mag springs, hencephalitis my question, Where is a good place to find strips of material to try and make my own...
  14. Magpul picks up $12 million military magazine contract

    General Firearms Discussion
    Magpul picks up $12 million military magazine contract
  15. Butler Creek Magazine Loader

    Saw this in Walmart today, decided to give it a try. Looked fairly well constructed, but it IS NOT metal. At $27.97, it was a few dollars cheaper than my Maglula UpLULA Universal - and available today. Instead of squeezing the loader, you push down on it (I was surprised that it worked better...
  16. Cz tactical sport/czechmate mags

    does anyone have a source for cz ts/czechmate mags? I'm looking for 20 rounders for a tso I'm planning on buying in a few weeks. The cz shop page is down. The only other place I have found them is buds gun shop
  17. California Magazine Ban

    General Firearms Discussion
    Warning to Californians — Magazine Ban Takes Effect July 1st BREAKING NEWS (6:13 pm, 6/29/17) — Federal Court grants Preliminary Injunction. Attorneys for the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), supported by the NRA, obtained an injunction in the case of Duncan v. Becerra, a federal...
  18. Found a magazine on Range two last Sunday.

    Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club
    Forgot all about it sorry for the delay in posting. Identify the mag if it's yours and I'll get it to you. I'll put a post up at the clubhouse next time I go to the range. Anyone recognize the mark on the bottom of mag?
  19. Downloadable PDF's of Guns Magazine 1955-1967

    General Firearms Discussion
    This link takes you to downloadable PDF issues of Guns Magazine, from 1955 to 1967. GUNS Magazine Classic EditionsGuns Magazine.com | Guns Magazine.com I love the ads selling MilSurp guns.
  20. Whitney / Kennedy Short Magazine Carbine

    Long Guns
    Never seen one! Has anyone else? Whitney / Kennedy Short Magazine Carbine .32-20 Win.