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  1. Carrying extra AR mags

    General Firearms Discussion
    What does everyone use to carry extra AR magazines? Chest rig? Belt holder?
  2. Amend2 mags any good?

    General Firearms Discussion
    Classic Firearms has a 10 pack of 30 round mags for 74.99. I’m not familiar with that brand and hesitate to order. Any input? Thanks!
  3. glock 43 that takes SIG 365 mags

    General Firearms Discussion
    New GLOCK 43 80% Frame Will Let You Use SIG P365 10, 15-Round Magazines in your G43 [VIDEO] - The Truth About Guns Im not a glock guy by any means but i thought this was pretty neat.
  4. "High" capacity mags now legal in California

    Press Talk
    I am curious how long this will last? Federal judge strikes down California's ban on high-capacity gun magazines
  5. Sig P365 12-round mags for $35.98

    ...at Osage guns. I ordered 2 and, even with shipping, they were less then $40 each, which is about $10 cheaper than any I have found locally. The link says "$37.99, but they are on sale. Buy Sig Sauer P365 9mm 12-Round Magazine for $37.99 | MAG-365-9-12
  6. 7.62x39 AR Mags

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    If I put together on one these (AR 7.62x39) are there any magazines that work better than others. I know the taperd ammo causes issues in a straight magazine. If I am remembering correctly.
  7. Speaking of large cap mags

    General Firearms Discussion
    How about 120rd banana for an AK? Yep, you can have one to. :groan: Have some fun at your next BBQ. :lol6:
  8. Cz tactical sport/czechmate mags

    does anyone have a source for cz ts/czechmate mags? I'm looking for 20 rounders for a tso I'm planning on buying in a few weeks. The cz shop page is down. The only other place I have found them is buds gun shop