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  1. Team Magnolia Multigun Club's New Website

    Shooters, I made a website for the multigun club. I plan on using as the primary outlet of information, but I will of course stay on here and Facebook. Check it out here!
  2. Newest Industry Sponsor - Teal Blue Bravo LLC

    Shooters, I wanted to announce our newest industry sponsor, Teal Blue Bravo LLC. I have been dealing with this company for a few years now, because I like their PDQ lever on my rifles. I recently ordered some for David and I, and I decided to reach out to the company to see what they could...
  3. TMMG Raffle - Bryant's Machine Shop - Custom Receiver Set

    Shooters, Our industry sponsor, Bryant's Machine Shop, donated to us a lower and an upper receiver, he deep engraved our logo into, and he is INCLUDING the CERAKOTE color of the winner's choice in the deal too. We are doing a raffle for this. 100 tickets at $5 each, or you can get 5 tickets...
  4. Team Magnolia Multigun Shooter of the Year Program

    Shooters, I came up with the idea to have a sort of a points race for our matches, like a league of sorts to track participation and performance. One of our shooters, Justin Myers, figured out a formula that makes it work. What we did was assign a number of points based solely on the shooter...
  5. Valentine's Day 2Gun Match - Saturday, February 18

    Valentine’s 2Gun Match Saturday, February 18 Register on Practiscore 4 stage match. 3 stages of TMMG design, and one 3GN classifier. Classifier this month is 3GN 13-17, which is a pistol classifier consisting of 16 rounds and one mandatory reload. Divisions: Factory Practical Unlimited Heavy...
  6. Updated January 2Gun Match Announcement - Sunday, January 22

    There was just too much to change in the old thread, so I made a new one. 2Gun Match - Rifle/Pistol 5 stage match. 4 stages of TMMG design, and one 3GN classifier. 3GN membership is NOT required to compete, NOR is membership of Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club required. The...
  7. Team Magnolia Multigun - 2Gun Match - Sunday, January 22

    Team Magnolia Multigun 2Gun Match - Rifle/Pistol Sunday, January 22 22LR rifles are allowed in irons, limited, and open divisions, but you must shoot a centerfire pistol because there will be reactive steel. There will be 6 Divisions: Irons No optic on your rifle, just iron sights No optic...