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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    Any body here have one? (22lr fan..... calling you out lol). I know where one is for sale and it's nice Straight birch dark stained 18.5 " Barrel 2/3 mag tube and cross bolt safety (ugh) but it's about 95%. Opinions please before I get to weak and go buy this thing
  2. Firearms Gallery
    Picked up this 1978 Marlin last week at a local pawn shop. I saw it there the week before but passed on it because of the condition. Went back last week and looked at it again. Decided the rust was just on the surface and the scratches on the wood could be touched up. I didn't take a before...
  3. MidState Firearms
    Someone gave us this box as it wouldn't work in his 308 Win. He didn't have a marlin exp, nor do we, so it's free to a good home. Would like someone who actually can use it to have it. 308 Marlin EXP. 14 rounds left. call or text me 6012019665
  4. Long Guns
    I found this one sitting in the back of a rack. I'm sure it was all the way in the back because who in their right mind would buy it. The Bad: It has rust and pitting all over it. The stock is cracked but some epoxy should take care of that. The buttplate is good. The...
  5. Long Guns
    Here she is fresh from the Gulf Coast. Receiver is almost perfect, a little fine rust on the mag tube (easily corrected), the “bullseye” is messed up but I have a new one to install. I’m gonna re-finish the wood and install an old all steel Lyman peep sight. I’m molding bullets tonight.
21-27 of 149 Results