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  1. Long Guns
    I have recently started looking for a marlin .357 without cross bolt safety and didn't realize they were so pricey. What is a fair value for this model? Anyone seen any in pawn shops in the Jackson area?
  2. Long Guns
    Here are the 2 new to me guns. This is a CZ 12ga Coach Gun that I bought at High Caliber Pawn Color case harden "bunny ears" And here is my new Marlin 1894 in .45 LC that I bought from Quickeye This is a beautiful Cowboy edition complete with an octagonal barrel. I took this to...
  3. Rimfire
    I have been looking for one of these in good condition for some time now. It’s been in a closet most of its life and near flawless. With a rating from 90-95% from two other gun guys I trust. What kind of value would y’all say she’s worth. She’s a tack driver and smooth as silk. Sorry for the...
  4. Long Guns
    I lucked up and was able to grab this marlin 1894CST from Yarob. This rifle has a 16 1/4 inch threaded barrel chambered in 357 magnum, is stainless, and has black painted wood stocks. Other than the barrel length and chambering, it is totally different than any other lever action rifle I...
  5. Long Guns
    Just picked this little jewel up this morning (on my birthday). Found it for sale locally on the MeWe website. It's my 2nd purchase originating from MeWe (first was a Ruger M77/357 bolt action) and both went really smooth. This one is a 1975 Marlin model 1894 in .44 Rem Mag, JM-stamped...
  6. Reloading/Ammunition
    Some of you probably followed my cowboy load development for my .44 Magnum revolvers. That resulted in a mouse fart load of 5.5 grains of Trail Boss behind a 120 grain round ball in a .44 Russian case. Over the months I've been refining the load for my (new-to-me) Marlin 1894 .44 Mag carbine...
41-46 of 149 Results