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  1. Link to Contact Senators - Pelosi Inserts Anti-2A Language in Bill

    General Firearms Discussion
    Here is a GOA link to send letters to McConnell and MS senators to oppose the anti-gun language that Pelosi inserted in HR1585. In my letter I removed the "Gun Owners of America" verbiage. Send Letters Link
  2. Trump fires new warning shot at McConnell

    Press Talk
    Trump fires new warning shot at McConnell, leaves door open on whether he should step down
  3. Comments Like This Would Be 'Amusing' If The Situation Wasn't So Bad

    Press Talk
    McConnell, Warning of ‘Dangerous’ Debt, Wants Tax Cut Offsets Awww, Mitch is concerned about/warning of adding to the national debt by passing Trump's proposed tax cuts and infrastructure repair and replace bills ... :warning: Isn't that congressional concern sweet? :warning: Let's see: the...