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    Crash, smash and grab. Memphis teen arrested after break-ins at Horn Lake pawn shop CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Police searching for suspects who crashed into Mississippi pawnshop, stole jewelry They stole about $20,000 in jewelry because they couldn’t get to the guns. $6,700 in damages to the front of...
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    Store Clerk Faces Murder, Weapons Charges For Shooting a Fleeing Chainsaw Thief - The Truth About Guns A Memphis store clerk is facing charges for allegedly shooting a man to death over a stolen chain saw. Cops say Charles Kalb shot and killed a man running from Mid-South Small Engines without...
  3. North Mississippi
    OK the R&K show at the agricenter on Germantown! Will be April 12th an 13th!! Any of you guys from the north go to that one?? Thinking about it and need to commit tomorrow if going! What ya'll say??
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    I'm headed to Memphis to help my son move and there just happens to be a gun show there this weekend. Does anyone know if it's a decent show and worth going to?
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    Shoot Point Blank - Indoor Shooting Range & Gun Shop Shoot Point Blank 1740 Century Center Cove Memphis, TN 38134 901-472-2644 I-40 at Whitten Rd.
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    Ya gotta love social media! Video Of Men Brandishing Gun In Mall Leads To ID Memphis mall guns: Video shows teens with guns in Oak Court Mall "He has two active felony warrants for domestic violence and failure to appear in a felony case." Pro tip: If the police are already looking for you...
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    To steal Bass Pro Shops guns, man hid in store and waited for it close, police say ATF offers reward in gun store theft | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives [Burglary/theft occurred at the Memphis, TN Bass Pro Shops in the Pyramid] "In the police report, authorities said...