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  1. South Mississippi
    So who “wants” to bring “stuff” to the M&G. Post up and I’ll update the second post on this tread. I will be bringing a charcoal grill,and charcoal. I will also have a worn out ragged refrigerator filled with cokes,DrPepper,water......it looks like hell but keeps things cold. I will also...
  2. South Mississippi
    February 29th @ my shop in the Barton community of George County E&C Automotive 3163 hwy63 south Lucedale Ms 39452 Come one,come all.....if you’re interested in the reclaiming and casting processes or to just BS in general. There should be room for anyone willing to venture here. There is a...
  3. Central Mississippi
    OK this is short notice but we are having a M&G this Saturday!!! Starting at 930 at the back wall!! Several of our "old curmudgeons" are making an effort to be there!! So come have a good time with us. Laurel Gun Show Saturday Nov 2nd!! Back wall come one come all!!!
  4. South Mississippi
    Any idea on a Spring M&G on the Coast?
  5. South Mississippi
    The Fall M&G is scheduled for October 20, 2018 and the Fall Muster at Beauvoir is on October 20 and 21...some of y'all might want to make a weekend of it and go to the Fall Muster on Sunday! They put on a pretty good show!
  6. South Mississippi
    Here is the list for food! The Club will have the silverware, plates, napkins, water, drinks, buns and or bread. We also have all the condiments! Southern Reloading-Bologna(Jonathan or Lead need to pick it up) Hotdogs and burgers and Potato salad!! I will also volunteer Cajun an Basmstr to cook...
  7. South Mississippi
    OK Here is the Poll thingy I couldn't think of last night! MSGO M&G at Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi
  8. South Mississippi
    Well at work bored as can be and got to thinking about our last gathering! Well got me thinking about our next gathering. Who is up for another M&G??? Thinking late Oct early Nov. Place don't matter to me but will be happy to have it at CRPC again. Wish someone from the north would step up say...
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    FYI I stopped by Friendly Pawn (17437 Highway 49 North, Saucier, MS 39574) today while out and about running errands. It's a seedy looking joint, but the folks there are nice, and I've bought from them on several occasions. Today, I noticed a few items that seemed to be fairly good deals, so I...
  10. South Mississippi
    Just curious what's all gonna be slinging led down range. I loaded out majority of my fun stuff last time. Gonna slim down a little this time. M1 Garand 300bo pistol with can 10/22 with can AK pistol 7" AR pistol M&P 9 competition Unless somebody wants to try something else out that I may...
  11. South Mississippi
    OK ordering t-shirts for the M&G. They will be $15.00 and are Guildan shirts. A white T for now in Small to as many X's you need. I need to know asap if you want one or more, and what size!!! If you order you can paypal now to [email protected] or we will send shrek, Cajun and bas to collect...
  12. South Mississippi
    Here is a food list! Add to it as you want! We need a grill as well. Club will have: Hot Dogs 1 400 pan of potato salad 1 400 pan of Baked Beans Water Jonathan bringing Bologna-- I'll buy it!! 3 tons Condiments, Plates, Napkins Coleslaw--Mesquite Buns-Leonidas Sweet Tea-Leonidas
  13. South Mississippi
    OK we are a month away from the Southern Reloading M&G and super sale!!! All powder and primers on sale lower than ever! Swap meet so bring your items to sale or trade! The menu for now will be Burgers and of course dogs! Fried bologna sammiches, potato salad, and whatever else ya'll bring! I...
  14. South Mississippi
    Greetings All, The Spring M&G will be held at Coast Rifle and Pistol Club on Hwy 67 in Biloxi on April 15th! Who's coming!!! SouthernReloading 22LRFan Bassman57 Bassmstr Blondie70 Bobcat Captain-03 Eajp Ellis93 fastarrow frodo Hotrod61 Jharmon Leadburner LearCo Mesquite n10sivern Nonnieselman...
  15. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Another great day at Sum Gy's compound for the Mini M&G. The weather was about perfect. Here are some pictures from today................... I got there at 10 AM and these guys were waiting on breakfast to be served. Leadburner was in charge of flipping pancakes and a little later...
  16. South Mississippi
    I have a box of burgers to bring. Tell me what else you want. sand_man- burgers, chips Vick- condiments Ellis93- buns, drinks phillipd- brats and sausages CajunBP- dessert 22lr- dessert
  17. South Mississippi
    Since I can't make this event, I want to make it easier for the folks who did to post their reports (and PICTURES). You guys have MAJOR FUN at the M&G. .
  18. South Mississippi
    MAY 14th!!!!!!!! Show up time starts at 8 am!!!! Get here when you can!!! If this list needs to be updated let me know! I will PM CHAWK to give him an update today. 1. FASTARROW 2. ELLIS93 3. PHILLIPD 4. USMC-NAV 5. LEADBURNER 6. SUM GY CUSTOM FIREARMS 7. OSIEK 8. VICK 9. SAND_MAN 10. DOGGONER...
  19. South Mississippi
    Please check list! If this needs to be edited let me know!! Does anybody remember if they had a grill there or did someone bring one?????????? Charcoal--------ELLIS93 Drinks-----------ELLIS93 get with BLONDIE70! PLATES----------FASTARROW CUPS------------FASTARROW PAPER TOWELS------BASMSTR...
  20. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Last seen standing guard over my toys. Took a few days, but I miss my red chair. If you have it, please let me know. No rush on getting it back. Thank you in advance. .