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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    US Military Guns Keep Vanishing, Some Used in Street Crimes In this June 21, 2019, photo made available by the U.S. Marine Corps, a recruit receives a rifle at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. (Lance Cpl. Ryan Hageali/U.S. Marine Corps via AP) 15 Jun 2021 Associated Press | By...
  2. New Member Welcome Center
    Hello to all my fellow gun lovers out there! I have been following this site for about a year or so and I have decided to participate and join the party! I love all types of firearms and are particularly interested in military surplus. Looking forward to this experience!
  3. North Mississippi
    Here's some useful info for anyone who patronizes CAFB, in particular for meds at the base pharmacy. Current as of today, 2/25/2020. Columbus AFB COVID-19 Info
  4. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Getting ready for Saturday’s Vintage Military (Bullseye) Handgun Match at SW Gun Club. Y’all should come join us.
  5. Reloading/Ammunition
    My cousin called this morning with a question. He likes to bid on lots of ammo and things from an Auction. He has a friend that has some Yougoslavian 8mm Mausers. He got him some old ammo and it won,t fire in the rifles. He had it checked and the primers are so hard that they do not dent in...
  6. Vintage Rifle/M1 Garand
    Here are the scores from the 3/23/2019 Vintage Bolt match. Congratulations to Mr. Williamson! We had a great turn out. Had some new faces as well. Glad to see all of you take the time to participate and hope you had fun. The diversity of rifles was probably the best I've seen sense I've been...
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    I just had this thought while watching a YouTube vid. Is any military, cased ammunition reloaded? I'm not taking about small arms ammo, but conventional, cased rounds used in artillery and naval guns. If not, why not? Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that would be especially...
  8. Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Hey everyone it's that time of year again. The military show is back in Woolmarket and I'll be setting up two display tables, this time with my somewhat famous WW2 Japanese weapons and gear display. Swing on in, say hi, and maybe buy something cool.
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    Well that was painful to watch but not surprising. I am curious if he’d used one of the old sloppy govt issue guns if it would have performed better. My guess is it would’ve been a significant improvement.
  10. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    A hot morning for Vintage Pistol (Bullseye) at Southwest Gun Club but we met anyway and had a good shoot. 6 participants and much fun was had by all. Mr. Doug was feeling under the weather so I got to give my new RSO credentials their first workout as I was designated RSO for and ran the match...
  11. Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Nice turnout for today’s shoot. Even had a spectator.
  12. Handguns
    I have had a couple guys asking me to get some good hollow-point for 9mm. I have some of the Hornady custom in different calibers. Couple weeks ago Midway was offering me a birthday discount. So I bought 2, 50 round boxes of it. It is hollow-point with angles cut around the edge for ripping up...
  13. General Firearms Discussion
    Hey all. It's that time of year for the bi annual military show at the Joppa Shrine in Woolmarket. I'll be there set up with my display of named and ID'd USMC uniforms and gear from post WW1 through Vietnam including several Vietcong captured items. The show usually has something for everyone...
1-13 of 13 Results