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  1. Mississippi SNAP (food stamp) details

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    A news report about Mississippi paying the Feds $5,000,000 for fraud in the SNAP (food stamp) program oversight is kind of insightful (and inciteful): ---------------------------- Since 2010, SNAP has served on average more than 45 million Americans per month and provided more than $71 billion...
  2. Support for Mississippi House Bill 1215

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    NRA-ILA | Mississippi Legislature Reconvenes: Urge Your Senators To Take Action on State Firearms Preemption Improvement Bill Mississippi HB1215 | 2020 | Regular Session Dear Mississippi NRA Member: Back in March, before the legislative session was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the...
  3. Are restaurants on the Mississippi Gulf Coast open for sit down eating?

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    I am mostly interested in the Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Long Beach area. Not so much Gulfport and further east. In Vicksburg, restaurants (especially chain restaurants and fast food places, which is about all we have) are NOT yet open for sit down eating. They will sell you food to go...
  4. Does anyone on the forum remember the OLD Mississippi Gun Collectors Association?

    General Firearms Discussion
    It held gun shows 4 times a year in he old Heidelberg hotel on Capitol street in two of their rooms, the Olympic and one slightly smaller whose name I cannot remember at all. The shows would alternate between the two rooms every 3 months or so. It was primarily one for displays only with a...
  5. Great Mississippi insect identification web site

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    I stumbled across this web site. It shows photos of 957 Mississippi insects: Mississippi Insects (957 Found) Unfortunately, I was still unable to identify a tiny insect that is piling up beneath my bug zapper every night: Anybody know what they are? They are about 3/16-inch long.
  6. Mississippi is changing its COVID-19 test strategy

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    Quote: --------------------------- The state of Mississippi is changing its COVID-19 test strategy, with a new focus on confirmed outbreaks rather than potential exposure to the disease. Mississippi Health Director said that the strategy is shifting. “This is gonna sound crazy but we hope to...
  7. Charting a Course for Mississippi's Economic Recovery Post COVID-19

    Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency
    Governor Reeves Partners with Private Sector to Study Economic Recovery https://www.restartms.ms/ Governor Tate Reeves announced that he has asked leaders of Mississippi’s business community to chart a course for economic recovery and re-opening Mississippi’s economy. During this COVID-19...
  8. Behind the scenes at Winchester in Oxford, Mississippi

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    Pretty interesting video at link. WATCH: Behind The Scenes At The Winchester Centerfire Ammunition Plant
  9. Is corona virus racist? Nope. Not in Mississippi

    Round Table
    Maybe in Chicago, but I took the number of confirmed corona virus cases by county from the Mississippi web site and the percent blacks by county and looked to see if there was a correlation. There's not. All 82 counties are in the numbers and in the graph, but when I show all of the county...
  10. Does Mississippi allow drive-thru, curbside, and/or delivery service bars?

    Press Talk
    Per Gov. Reeves, under his 20-day "shelter in place" order: "Restaurants and bars may only remain open for drive-thru, curbside, and/or delivery service." I know Louisiana does, but I didn't realize that Mississippi allows drive-thru, curbside, and/or delivery service bars. Does it? This is...
  11. interactive map, mississippi counties with the bug

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    Covid-19 Social Distancing Scoreboard — Unacast Compare your community's social distancing activity to its activity prior to COVID-19
  12. Fishing the Mississippi marsh!

    Fishing the Fort Bayou Marsh in ocean springs Mississippi
  13. HB 1215 Passed Mississippi House

    Round Table
    HB1215 Firearms; prohibit state agencies from creating restrictions for possession of. 02/27 (H) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2020/pdf/votes/house/0640023.pdf http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2020/pdf/history/HB/HB1215.xml NRA-ILA | Mississippi House...
  14. Oh Joy ... More Dem Vote Pandering in Mississippi (Maybe, Don't Go To Church Sunday?)

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    Biden, Sanders to stump in Mississippi before next week’s primary Biden, Sanders to stump in Mississippi before next week's primary Democratic Presidential frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak at the 9:30am service of New Hope Baptist Church in Jackson on...
  15. Pro-2A Mississippi House Concurrent Resolution (2020)

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    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION TO DECLARE THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI AS A "SECOND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY" STATE. Mississippi HC42 | 2020 | Regular Session HC 42 (As Introduced) - 2020 Regular Session
  16. Mississippi lawmakers to consider allowing county sheriffs to use radar

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    As if we didn't have enough to worry about: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Mississippi lawmakers to consider allowing county sheriffs to use radar Sheriff’s deputies are prohibited from using radar to enforce speed limits in Mississippi. Under state law, only...
  17. Mississippi sales tax rates (details)

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    I had another thread about out-of-state sales tax, but I thought the details of Mississippi sales tax rated deserves its own thread. ------------------------ Sales Tax Rates Retail Sales (Miss. Code Ann. Sections 27-65-17, 27-65-20 & 27-65-25) The following are subject to sales tax equal to...
  18. Mississippi school superintendents' salaries

    Press Talk
    Source: Some school superintendents paid 6 figures, while Mississippi teachers seek pay raise Now check out how the state displayed the salaries and try to figure out what your local superintendent earns...
  19. Know what our "elected" Mississippi Congresscritters are doing...

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    "The List: 26 GOP Senators, 97 House Republicans Ask for More Foreign Workers to Fill U.S. Jobs"... o_O These elected representatives and senators from Mississippi have joined in demanding to increase the number of "unskilled" foreign workers entering the U.S.A. on H-2B visas... Sen. Roger...
  20. Officer shot in north Mississippi released from hospital; 22-year-old shot, in surgery

    Press Talk
    Officer shot in north Mississippi released from hospital; 22-year-old shot, in surgery A north Mississippi police officer has been released from the hospital after being shot during a traffic stop, according to John Champion, district attorney for the area. The officer fired shots back at the...