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  1. Does anyone on the forum remember the OLD Mississippi Gun Collectors Association?

    General Firearms Discussion
    It held gun shows 4 times a year in he old Heidelberg hotel on Capitol street in two of their rooms, the Olympic and one slightly smaller whose name I cannot remember at all. The shows would alternate between the two rooms every 3 months or so. It was primarily one for displays only with a...
  2. Charting a Course for Mississippi's Economic Recovery Post COVID-19

    Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency
    Governor Reeves Partners with Private Sector to Study Economic Recovery https://www.restartms.ms/ Governor Tate Reeves announced that he has asked leaders of Mississippi’s business community to chart a course for economic recovery and re-opening Mississippi’s economy. During this COVID-19...
  3. Behind the scenes at Winchester in Oxford, Mississippi

    General Firearms Discussion
    Pretty interesting video at link. WATCH: Behind The Scenes At The Winchester Centerfire Ammunition Plant
  4. Does Mississippi allow drive-thru, curbside, and/or delivery service bars?

    Press Talk
    Per Gov. Reeves, under his 20-day "shelter in place" order: "Restaurants and bars may only remain open for drive-thru, curbside, and/or delivery service." I know Louisiana does, but I didn't realize that Mississippi allows drive-thru, curbside, and/or delivery service bars. Does it? This is...
  5. Fishing the Mississippi marsh!

    Fishing the Fort Bayou Marsh in ocean springs Mississippi
  6. Mississippi school superintendents' salaries

    Press Talk
    Source: Some school superintendents paid 6 figures, while Mississippi teachers seek pay raise Now check out how the state displayed the salaries and try to figure out what your local superintendent earns...
  7. Officer shot in north Mississippi released from hospital; 22-year-old shot, in surgery

    Press Talk
    Officer shot in north Mississippi released from hospital; 22-year-old shot, in surgery A north Mississippi police officer has been released from the hospital after being shot during a traffic stop, according to John Champion, district attorney for the area. The officer fired shots back at the...
  8. Mississippi State Laws and Published Ordinances

    Mississippi Gun Laws
    I stumbled across this web site that says it is current through the 2018. It was written jointly by the (former) Mississippi Attorney General and the ATF. Make sure that you scroll down to the bottom of page 9 where they describe local gun-related ordinances for the following cities: Biloxi...
  9. Mississippi Man Claims Court House Violates His Gun Rights

    Mississippi Concealed Carry
    Well, it's almost national news -- Bearing Arms anyway ... Mississippi Man Claims Court House Violates His Gun Rights Different states have different rules and such for concealed carry. Some are constitutional carry and you can take your gun virtually anywhere not prohibited by federal law...
  10. 2020 LimCat Custom and Precision Delta Mississippi Classic

    Registration details for the 2020 LimCat Custom and Precision Delta Mississippi Classic are posted on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/169796917048782/ For anyone not on Facebook: Registration for the match will open FOR MISSISSIPPI RESIDENTS ONLY on November 24, 2019 @...

    Press Talk
    HYDE-SMITH: U.S. NAVY WILL NAME GUIDED-MISSILE DESTROYER FOR U.S. SENATOR THAD COCHRAN | Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) today praised a decision by Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer to name a future guided-missile destroyer after her...
  12. Snipe hunting in Mississippi

    I GOT SCHOOLED! Folks! I’m not a hunter, I only shoot paper, steel and varmits! Was wondering why so many deer and other animals were being seen beside the road. Went to the ms wildlife site to see what season is going on. Looking a little deeper saw “Snipe” I always thought they...
  13. What the heck is a "home visit" by Mississippi Department of Corrections agents?

    Press Talk
    Short version: ------------------------ On January 22, 2018, Noble was indicted in Adams County for selling ecstasy, a controlled substance. On November 19, 2018, while Noble was still under that indictment, probation agents with the Mississippi Department of Corrections found Noble in...
  14. Central Mississippi Fishing

    Hey, What's the best place for me to take my 4 kids(all under 10) to go fishing. I live in Terry and am looking for places withing 45 mins. Needs to be bank fishing. As I dont own a boat. Then Thanks for the help.

    Press Talk
    https://www.dor.ms.gov/Business/Documents/2019%20Second%20Amendment%20Sales%20Tax%20Holiday.pdf Just a heads-up on this so you can plan and budget for it. Don't confuse it with the school supplies/clothing tax-free holiday this weekend. The 2019 MSAW holiday takes place between 12:01 A.M...
  16. Contact info for a lieutenant with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation?

    General Firearms Discussion
    A gun owner guy from out of state posted the following in another forum: ------------------------------------------------- Back in 2011 I had a pistol stolen out of my truck. I filed a report with the Corinth, MS police department. Tuesday I received a phone call from a detective with the...
  17. Trump nominates Mississippi Judge Halil Ozerden to Fifth District

    Press Talk
    And conservatives do NOT like it: Conservative Leaders to Trump: Ozerden Wrong for Appeals Court Conservatives Voice Concerns Over Potential Fifth Circuit Nominee | National Review Best comment I saw: "Thad Cochran and Trent Lott put his name up for George Bush to nominate him for the bench...
  18. They love to close interstate highways in Mississippi

    Press Talk
    I do not understand why, but the law enforcement folks seem to shut down interstate highways waaaaaaaay too long and waaaaaay to freely. The following news report is a prime example. A Jackson policeman committed suicide on I-220. He had been having sex with a 14-year old. JPD officer...
  19. Judge halts Mississippi abortion law

    Press Talk
    Judge halts Mississippi abortion law A federal judge on Friday blocked a Mississippi law that banned abortions once a fetus's heartbeat is detected, often around six weeks into pregnancy. Judge Carlton Reeves, an Obama appointee, wrote that the law "threatens immediate harm to women's rights...
  20. Mississippi man arrested for having guns that police returned to him

    Press Talk
    Mississippi man arrested for having guns that police returned to him ‘Unlike any other case.’ Coast man gets a break in court after police wrongly returned his guns. GULFPORT, Miss. — A Mississippi man has been sentenced to time served for illegally using drugs while possessing guns that had...