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  1. 18" SS Fluted upper with 15" mlok rail, Nickel BCG & charging handle - $399

    MidState Firearms
    Beautiful ar15 upper here, complete with nickel boron BCG & extended latch charging handle for 399. 223 wylde 1:8, stainless. Also available in 20". You can order on the website and we can ship to your door, or if you want to come by and get it locally that is fine too. 18" 1:8 Stainless...
  2. 16" lightweight Mlok Ar15 upper, $199

    MidState Firearms
    Mid State Firearms has these ar15 uppers for $199 assembled. They have a 12" lightweight mlok free float handguard. link here: 16" 223 Wylde Melonite 1:7 Ar15 upper with 12" Light MLok Rail Located in Clinton if you want to just pick one up locally.