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    A lot of worthwhile info here. And a fair bit of bad language. Excerpt, but please read the whole thing - rather long, but worth your time.
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    A case of RMSF was diagnosed in a woman from the Pachuta area in the last few weeks. My Mom works with this lady and the lab came back positive. So be careful when ya,ll get out in the woods in the next couple months. I saw a deer that a friend killed last year not far from my home and it was...
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    Better get in line now! Gander Mtn – We Live Outdoors
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    it ain't new and it danged shore ain't Mexico... Live about 75 miles as a raven flies due west of Roswell...out of UFO range, I hope. A one-time yard-dawg at Ingalls, I have moved on to a better Place...after spending 25 years in Jackson county...Have a few folks I talk to that still live there...
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    The wife and I took a little ride today along a bunch of winding county roads. My 7 year old faithful canine, who has joined me for thousands of miles, came along for the ride. About 1 1/2 hours into the trip he apparently got car sick (for the first time since he was a puppy). And he threw...