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  1. Mower deck spindle FYI

    If you did what this guy suggests, would the grease would push the bottom seal out, or the top if you filled with grease. Anybody know if that's possible? I figured there's a washer or something to keep the seal in place.. IDK.. I noticed the bearing he used looked brand new and china...
  2. Brenneke & .41Mag vs Mower

    General Firearms Discussion
    Finally figured out how to upload to YouTube. :) Anyhow, play time. Shooting up my old busted mower with Brenneke Green Lightning slugs in my 590 Mariner, and 210gr XTP in my NMBH. Shooting from about 30feet. A couple before and after pics and a video. Before: Video: After...
  3. Craftsman mower

    While cutting the backyard the zero control cable breaks. It's a special cable. The end that fits on the engine has the Z shaped fitting. The end that fits to the handle has a loop. Looking at local repair shops all the cables have the Z fitting on both ends. Looking at Sears it's a 2 cable...