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  1. MSGO "Biggest Loser" Competition Update only thread

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    I wanted to clean the thread up a little bit. and our mod team suggested I start a new thread to do so. Please continue to post comments and your entry pictures on the Original Thread started by Mr CoastRat I will move your picture to here. This makes it easier to see who is a contestant with...
  2. MSGO "Biggest Loser" Competition

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    Alright guys. As a spin off from the get in shape thread, I figured maybe we could have a little fun and competition from it. My initial thought was to have everyone who wanted to participate ante up a small amount that would go toward a pot for the gun. After thinking about that, it would be...
  3. Source for MSGO t-shirts and other swag?

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    One of my friends came into the our glass shop the other day sporting his MSGO t-shirt. Sure would like to get one ;)
  4. Re: Recent MSGO thread...

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    Yeah... a "recent" thread as posted on the MSGO... with no other specifics nor names mentioned therein... but this one looks to be a "good fit" for it and the OP... :D My experiences as a "mod" on another firearms forum robustly says that it ain't a good idea to make demands upon nor...
  5. MSGO STAMP and trade mark infringements

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    I just talked to ms Carly our MSGO Administrator. I have the go ahead to use the MSGO logo
  6. MSGO classifieds

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    Most eligible Americans will receive coronavirus aid checks by April 15, Treasury official says MSGO classifieds are going to be, bizzzy next week I myself am looking for a AMT backup in 45 caliber Most eligible Americans will receive coronavirus aid checks by April 15, Treasury official...
  7. New to MSGO

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    New member from Brandon for about a week now, just realized I forgot to say hello to everyone, glad I found you guys!
  8. A Freebie For MSGO members

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    Hear YE Hear YE Hear YE, lets have some fun for a change I am offering a rifle scabbard up for a drawing. The Price to enter the drawing is...ZERO..... This is a drawing for a rifle scabbard. That will be made from this leather The winner of this drawing will be responsible for shipping...
  9. MSGO suspicious advertising ....

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    I took a screenshot of the advertisement plastered at the top of MSGO page this morning. Who selects the advertising and is there any criteria? @Xd357 do you know?
  10. New to msgo

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    Hey my name is Preston I’m from Wiggins ms I’m into hunting and fishing and was recommend this site by a friend Col Williamson
  11. MSGO mule train

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    In need of the great MSGO MT to get something from @Rw to me in Laurel. Maybe somebody going to Jackson gun show. Or if he's gonna be at Biloxi show and somebody's going to it that may be passing back through here. Thanks a ton in advance
  12. For the Christmas season... and our MSGO LE professional officers...

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    For @patchz and @BasMstr and @CajunBP... and others as I am not aware... and if you can get thru this one without a tear or two in your eyes and a tugging on your heart... more power to ya!!! Just saying. These good folks keep and have kept us safe and sound while we enjoy restful slumber...
  13. MSGO firearm classifieds are blowing up

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    It has been a really great week for the MSGO classified sale or trade listings. Somebody is buying new “Pew Pews” for themselves or loved ones.
  14. Merry Christmas MSGO

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    Merry Christmas to all of you and your families
  15. AR Lower made for a few specific MSGO Members

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    PSA AR-15 "BOATING-15" Stripped Lower Receiver
  16. MSGO AA (addicts anonymous)

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    It dawned on me that when I talk to my friends on the phone, 95% of what we talk about are food, guns, MSGO, and our other friends. I sense a pattern here. Y'all think we need an AA chat room? Y'all know who you are. :D :lol1:
  17. This would not be a fellow MSGO member, would it ?

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    Note this is the short version.
  18. MSGO M&G

    Central Mississippi
    OK this is short notice but we are having a M&G this Saturday!!! Starting at 930 at the back wall!! Several of our "old curmudgeons" are making an effort to be there!! So come have a good time with us. Laurel Gun Show Saturday Nov 2nd!! Back wall come one come all!!!
  19. MSGO is in the HOUSE !!!!!

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    MSGO showed up today. The 2nd Amendment did not my first attempt
  20. I need the MSGO mule service

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    fordpkup lives up around oxford i believe i have a piece of granite that wants to live in his house. can we get it to him?