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    Yes, the 'Religion of Peace' again ... Diversity, Inclusiveness -- and national/cultural suicide! :warning: Just acceptable risk management and collateral damage for President Macron! I guess Paris just needs some of that London-style "knife control" ... Paris attacker 'shouting Allahu...
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    Woman removed from Southwest plane at BWI Airport after reporting allergy, refusing to leave Unclean? Muslim Prof ID'ed As Woman Who Demanded Dogs Be Removed From Plane Police removed a woman from a Southwest Airlines flight before it left Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall...
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    Wow!! Trump is a knight in shining armor!!
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    One of the weirdest cases I have seen, even the cops thought it was strange and took some time to figure it out. Five people screwed up and attacked the wrong person. Just a post on what I think is an interesting ongoing story. Sequence of events. (As I understand them) But you really need to...
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    OK, Press and politics here: Muslim who SCHUMER got into US after he claimed he was denied by TRUMP BAN, arrested for SEXUAL ATTACK ON CHILD @SenSchumer - Geller Report Innocent until proven guilty in a (U.S.?) court of law -- even for an "international visitor/athlete", and from the Pamela...
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    Comment: TOO LATE -- The EU and your leaders screwed you! ##### Poll: Majority of Europeans Want Halt to Muslim Immigration | Clarion Project \ The survey asked respondents in ten countries if “all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.” A majority of survey...
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    Wife of San Bernardino shooter's friend pleads guilty in sham marriage case