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    Proud of what ya'll have done with this sight.
  2. New Member Welcome Center
    Been on here a while just never posted but now looking to do a little trade/selling so gotta start my post......
  3. New Member Welcome Center
    Just found the site and glad to join
  4. New Member Welcome Center
    Just found the site and glad to join
  5. Long Guns
    Got this in about 3 weeks or so ago from Oregon, and had some brass prepped for a couple weeks, but haven't gotten around to finishing the loads til tonight. This is one of the new-ish Bergara Ridge rifles with heavy-ish threaded barrel. Mine is chambered in 7mm-08 with 1:9.5 twist with 24"...
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    Hello everybody, I’m interested in old western knives.
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    Thinking about the future. Sad times are helping to educate some ppl to the mental security of taking care of themself. But after we return to a more normal state do you think there’ll be a mass sell off from these first time buyers. Market is good for selling but do you think there’ll be...
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    Glad i found your forum , looking forward to joining in on some discussions ! I'm in Lamar county ,iv'e only lived in Mississippi for a couple years but have enjoyed every bit of it so far!
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    Sitting at home with lots of time...I feel like I need to upgrade my setup this month. Right now I cc Glock19, iwb with Kore 1.5" tactical belt (my favorite belt) and I want to look at a new holster and the new kore 1.75" garrison belt. Holds more mags and gear. So I wanted some feedback on any...
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    Hey all new to the forum. I’m actually British, I met my wife while working out here. So the whole gun thing is pretty new to me. I was in the British army so used to firearms but never owning one. I bought my first Glock 19 at Christmas but I’m after a shotgun and probably something in 762...
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    New member from Brandon for about a week now, just realized I forgot to say hello to everyone, glad I found you guys!
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    Well technically not a new member , I joined earlier this month but didn't get around to introducing myself .
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    Hello everyone! I've been a member for a bit but never introduced myself. Hope everyone's well.
  14. AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer’s New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win SIG 716i TREAD: First Look at SIG Sauer's New DI AR-10 Rifle in .308 Win SIG 716i TREAD Specs Caliber: .308 Winchester Barrel Length: 16 inches Overall Length: 37 inches Barrel Twist: 1:10 inches Overall Height: 8...
  15. General Firearms Discussion
    Language warning!! The man ain't holding anything back. :D Video (short but sharp) here: Warrior One on Instagram: “‼️LISTEN‼️.”
  16. Reloading/Ammunition
    I like to have a couple boxes of 22lr Stinger on hand. I was completing an order a week or two back and ordered 2- 50 rd. boxes. They, CCI has changed the décor of the boxes now. In the clear plastic box it has the logo on the top and end like before. A dark blue background color with writing in...
  17. Long Guns
    Bought a couple of barrels this week. 1 was a new take off from a Savage Ashbury Precision in .308 Win, 24" long, medium contour. That one is being sent off to Oregon to be rebored to a 3-groove .358 Winchester. Same guy who had the Savage barrel had a 27" Shilen chrome moly blank in .416...
  18. General Firearms Discussion
    Primos new indoor range. About – The Range by Jimmy Primos
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    Finally stopped lurking and started posting.
  20. Optics and Accessories
    F3R Machine – Precision Rifle Scope Mounting Systems I was hunting for a heavy duty scope mount for my precision rifle project and found these guys. I got the 30mm 1" height for my savage 10ba stealth it's pretty impressive, well machined and super stout. It seems to be competitive with the big...