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  1. Coronavirus hits the NRA

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    NRA Plans Layoffs, 20% Cut In Pay For Employees Due To Coronavirus’ Economic Hit NRA Plans Layoffs, 20% Cut In Pay For Employees Due To Coronavirus' Economic Hit
  2. SW Gun Club NRA Basic Pistol Class 2/29/2020

    SOUTHWEST MISSISSIPPI GUN CLUB, INC. PO BOX 1061 McCOMB, MS 39649 601-341-8797 [email protected] 2020 NRA BASIC PISTOL CLASS AND MS ENHANCED CONCEALED CARRY COURSE: The class will be held on February 29, 2020 at 8:30AM. Only one day is required to qualify. We are registered to...
  3. NRL .22 Matches at Gunline

    This popped up on Facebook tonight,hmmmm
  4. Email from NRA

    General Firearms Discussion
    I’m sure I’m not the only one here who received this email from the NRA/Wayne supposedly. I haven’t given a cent to wayne’s Personal fiefdom in years, but apparently I’m special. It’s this kind of tripe the NRA dishes out that makes my skin crawl. Give us your money so Wayne can go on lavish...
  5. Add Publix Supermarkets to the Virtue-Signalers

    Round Table
    Publix supermarkets, which once supported an ‘NRA sellout,’ now asks customers to not openly carry guns at their stores
  6. You NRA Deplorables are TERRORISTS!

    Round Table
    At least according to the city/county of San Francisco. San Francisco officials brand NRA a ‘domestic terrorist organization’ Does this mean that the NRA will probably not hold its 2020 convention in SF? :warning:
  7. Membership other than NRA

    General Firearms Discussion
    What is a good organization to join other than the NRA? USCCA?
  8. Hickok45 terminates NRA relationship

    Round Table
    Well this is interesting. Apparently an amicable separation. Seems they just need to see other people for a while. :hmm:

    Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    Thought I’d come out early and get (mostly) set up for today’s NRA 3-GUN SPORT RIFLE, PISTOL AND SHOTGUN MATCH, at SW Gun Club. This is a fun event. Not as high speed, low drag as some other 3 gun steel matches, but fun all the same. We should start shooting around 9, if you’re interested and in...
  10. Hickock45 & NRA

    General Firearms Discussion
    Just saw clip of Youtube for today, that Hickock 45 is distancing themselves from NRA, they will watch them from sidelines & hope they get their act together-is what Hickock45 team seems to by e saying.
  11. NRA Circling the Wagons

    Round Table
    Received this last night: There’s still no way they were having an uproar over WLP, attempting to oust him and then unanimously voted for him the next day without him having serious dirt on the accusers and the rest of the board. And this email should’ve been sent out immediately after...
  12. The APC9K – The Army’s Pick At NRA

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    The APC9K - The Army's Pick At NRA - GAT Daily (Guns Ammo Tactical) B&T makes some outstanding weapons, easily some of the highest end SMGs and Pistol Caliber carbines on the market. Their price reflects that, but there is no doubting their quality. The APC9K was originally designed for an...
  13. Trump to speak at annual NRA convention in Indiana on Friday

    Press Talk
    Trump to speak at annual NRA convention in Indiana on Friday President Trump will address members and leaders of the National Rifle Association on Friday at the group's annual convention in Indiana. Around 80,000 gun enthusiasts and more than 800 exhibitors are expected to pack the Indiana...
  14. NRA Disillusionment ...

    Round Table
    I didn’t want to tread on the other thread about the malfeasance somhere is this article over on ammoland.com from Jeff Knox, the son of an original NRA board member. It is well written and explains what is going on after the malfeasance report from The NewYorker came out, which apparently isn’t...
  15. NRA Management Fiscal malfeasance?

    Round Table
    This is from a leftist, anti-gun rights source. So I read it with skepticism. Problem is, a lot of it rings true. Seems the NRA has turned more into a fundraising to maintain management's way of life than to pursue the (professed) mission. Please read and voice your opinions. FWIW I've been an...
  16. NRA does it again?

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    NRA Signals Openness To Gun Removal Laws — With Conditions NRA Signals Openness To Gun Removal Laws — With Conditions
  17. NRA AR challenge

    Anyone know of an event for this? Either the training or basic compettion?
  18. NRA let down

    Round Table
    On the recent topic of boycotting the NRA, I figured a new cleaner thread of places/businesses/people that need to be informed of our thoughts as well as updating our spending practices would be helpful. I tried to find an older thread to post this but did not find anything suitable. Mods if...
  19. NRA IRS 990 Tax Forms ... seems shady to me ..

    Round Table
    A NRA Executive Staff Member received a $685K deal in 2016 from NRA and lives in a quasi GFZ - AR15.COM Yes, this links to ARFcom, which I'm sure some of you maybe be members on there. Someone did a little digging into the public tax records of the 990 forms. This is one reason I don't...
  20. Gun Control 'Watchdog' Groups In FEC Complaint: Trump Campaign, NRA Illegally Coordinated

    Press Talk
    Gun Control 'Watchdog' Groups In FEC Complaint: Trump Campaign, NRA Illegally Coordinated Giffords and CLC Flag Overwhelming Evidence of Illegal Coordination Between NRA, Trump Campaign Watchdog group Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and gun control group Giffords Law Center on Friday filed a...