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  1. Retired NYPD officer says woman punched him in face over red cap that looks like MAGA hat

    Press Talk
    Retired NYPD officer says woman punched him in face, left it bloody on his birthday over red cap that looks like MAGA hat Nashville, TN :groan: I guess his wife should have gotten him this one, … instead of that: I wasn't there. I'm not retired NYPD. And I'm waaaay past 50 … but this...
  2. Officer shot in north Mississippi released from hospital; 22-year-old shot, in surgery

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    Officer shot in north Mississippi released from hospital; 22-year-old shot, in surgery A north Mississippi police officer has been released from the hospital after being shot during a traffic stop, according to John Champion, district attorney for the area. The officer fired shots back at the...
  3. Vortex 40% and up discounts 100 plus brands Military, veteran, law officer

    General Firearms Discussion
    Did you know that Vortex Optics offers a 40% discount for Military/Veteran/LE? I'm retired military so applied on the Vortex website at Military & Law Enforcement. I happen to be looking for a 6-24 scope for .22 silhouette so just to give an example: For the Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50 scope...
  4. Virginia bill to set a mandatory minimum sentence for killing a police officer

    Mississippi Gun Laws
    I kind of like what Virginia is doing (but their Democrat governor will likely veto it). Mississippi should do the same---and then extend it to ALL citizens (not just law enforcement folks). That definition of law enforcement officer sounds screwy to me. Bill to force those who kill police...
  5. Deklb Georgia Officer killed, K9 serious

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    Just saw story on officer shot killed during foot pursuit , following traffic stop. K9 arrived with another team in search of woods ,i believe. K9 in surgery- serious condition. Apparently, several officers, returned fire after K9 was shot, killing the pos. Prayers for family. Those of you on...
  6. Ex-Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger indicted on murder charge

    Press Talk
    The former Dallas officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man inside his apartment, which she mistook for her own, was indicted Friday on a murder charge. Amber Guyger, 30, was arrested on Sept. 9, three days after she allegedly shot Botham Jean. Details here: Ex-Dallas officer who...
  7. Madison County Officer Involved Shooting

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    Make sure you watch the videos: Wife: Husband unarmed when he was shot three times by Madison Co. Sheriff's deputy Madison Co. Sheriff says deputy was attacked in deadly shooting Sounds like a methed up situation. Also, I’m pretty sure “staff stick” is code for “meth pipe.”
  8. Officer involved shooting: JPD 1, Bad Guys 0

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    One bad guy has assumed room temperature and another is in custody. I'm not sure but looks like bad guy #2 pulls out an AK pistol. Here's a link to video: JPD Officer Involved Shooting: WJTV EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
  9. NRA Range Safety Officer Class 4/21/18

    SOUTHWEST MISSISSIPPI GUN CLUB, INC. PO BOX 1061 McCOMB, MS 39649 601-341-8797 [email protected] NRA BASIC RANGE SAFETY OFFICER CLASS What: This course teaches the basic duties of a Range Safety Officer, It provides a thorough introduction to the role of the Range Safety Officer...
  10. Officer Shot/Wounded in Cleveland MS

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    wreg.com/2018/02/12/officer-shot-in-cleveland-mississippi/ Police officer, suspect hospitalized after shooting Memphis news is reporting that the suspect was airlifted to RegionOne Medical Center, Memphis. Reported non life-threatening, wound to officer's shoulder.