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  1. Pistol Optic Adapter

    Anybody ever used an optic adapter when you don't have a milled area for an optic? Any thoughts? Something like this. Thanks, Dennis
  2. Camp carbine optic upgrade

    Firearms Gallery
    i know it's over scoped but with super low leupolds rings this redfield 2x7 low profile worked perfectly on the camp 9. This little dude is SUPER accurate and fun and inexpensive to plink with
  3. Budget 10/22 and Budget Optic - Not bad for the money spent!!

    Picked up a lightly used 10/22 from Doug Bowser a few months ago. Older model with aluminum trigger guard, wood stock. Front barrel band had been deleted. Very few handling marks. Took it out to the range and it shot pretty good. In fact, it shot really good. @25 yards with open sights I could...
  4. Fiber optic pistol sights, what do you recommend?

    General Firearms Discussion
    I'm wanting to see a bit better with my 226. I have a fiber sight on my 1911 and i like it, but it came with it. What company makes a good one?
  5. TruGlo TFX/TFX Pro tritium/fiber optic pistol sights

    A couple of years ago I decided to try TruGlo TFO sights on my Glock 43 & 27. When I went to look I found that there was also a newer version of the sights TFXs that were supposed to be more physically rugged and resistant to chemical damage, from cleaning solvents, I guess. So, I got the TFXs...
  6. Shotgun Optic

    Long Guns
    Getting ready to set up a Remington V3 with a picatiny base for and optic to shoot hogs with slugs and buckshot. Thinking about a red dot of some sort. Any suggestions on optics or things I should consider. Not sure how hard shotguns are on optics. Most shots will be in the 25-40 yard range...
  7. Trinity Force Optic

    Optics and Accessories
    As some others are, I tend to get pulled in by cheaper optics... I picked up a Trinity Force Red/Green/Blue dot. Out of the box, I thought hey this is nice, it's got a QD mount. Three colors with three intensity settings for each. Cool too. Couple of other neato facts about shooting it on...
  8. Mr. Shrek's .22 heritage shortened barrel new fiber optic front sight.

    Barrel was shortened to 4 inches and re crowned and a new fiber optic front sight was installed.
  9. Inexpensive optic for inexpensive AR

    Optics and Accessories
    know a guy that came across an AR at a good deal. and is wanting to find the best least expensive red dot or some such optic to install. Maybe even a 4x scope or such. Any suggestions? I would think under $200 range.