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  1. Optics and Accessories
    I'm looking to replace a BSA red dot that has a relatively large heads-up display. It works well but is large and subject to being banged up. I like the SIG ROMEO5 series but it's a bit much for an AR pistol, I was looking at some of SIG's lower priced, smaller red dots. Prefer one that sits...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    www.classicfirearms.com is giving away an M1 with a SCOPE!!! Click the link below to enter for your chance to win!! Contest - Win An M1 Garand Model D Rifle Moderators, as always, if inappropriate, please feel free to move or remove!! Thanks and good luck everyone!!
  3. Optics and Accessories
    Hadn't heard of this company before. Rex has a review of this scope which looks pretty good. About $550 msrp. Scope details and review at the video link (about 11min): 4-16x50, 34mm tube. Obviously designed for longer ranges.
  4. Optics and Accessories
    What series of Vortex Optix does everyone recommend? I'm a Leapold fan but want to try something different. Something on the lines of 4x12X40 Setup: Remington 700 Varmint. 308.
  5. Group Buys
    Hey everyone working on a deal with swampfox optics for a killer discount for MSGO members. If you havent checked them out yet do it NOW. They will be the next Vortex on the block. New company only a year old. From all looks of it they are making some serious optics at affordable prices. Red...
  6. Optics and Accessories
    Anyone have any experience with Riton scopes? Looking at one for a hunting rifle build. RT-S MOD 5 GEN2 4-16X50 WIDE FOV $469 on Optics Planet. Riton Optics | RT-S MOD 5 GEN2 4-16X50 Wide Fov
  7. General Firearms Discussion
    Recently came across Holosun optics for cheaper alternatives to the big names like Eotech and Aimpoint and see Holosun pretty much makes knockoffs of the two mentioned for a quarter to half price. Just curious what's anyone's opinions of them for those that have em. Worth it or just junk?
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    So.. I've finished building my first AR (My First AR-15 (build log)) and now I'm into the UPGRADE stage. Most of the 1st round of upgrades has been decided on. The exception is the Optic. I've never owned a rifle for which I had to purchase an optic. I've inherited a couple of old deer rifles...
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    I still do okay with iron sights, but i'd like to be able to reach out a bit farther. Yay or nay for this on a .22, occasionally? Seems a tasty price, too. J&G Sales
  10. Long Guns
    im looking to purchase a scope for a family member that doesnt hunt very much but does some and he likes to target shoot a good bit. he has trouble seeing through scopes in low light situations so im trying to see what everyone recommends as far as a good scope clear scope in low light. im only...
  11. Optics and Accessories
    I have been seeing a lot lately about Athlon optics, I guess its a new company, seems they have a lifetime warranty and pretty good glass. Anybody tried one?
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    Hi-Point intros Hunter series of camo carbines complete with optics
  13. Optics and Accessories
    I just recently traded for a remington 700 in 308 and I have been eyeing this scope for a while, has anyone had experience with their optics?
  14. General Firearms Discussion
    Buddy of mine has a shop here in town and he sells these. I'd like to give him some business so i thought about buying one of these for one of my Blackhawks. Anyone have any experience with the brand? Hawke | Reflex Sight Weaver
  15. Optics and Accessories
    Kenzie's Optics has a booth at the gunshow this weekend. They usually make the trek from Georgia to most of the Jackson shows. Anyway... needed some optics for 3 of my guns. Bought an RMR, MRO and a Vortex SparcAR. Leighton was very helpful and was easy to deal with. I did leave a little sad...
  16. Optics and Accessories
    Anyone around that can repair a scope ? Long story, but the end result is a bowed elevation reticle. I inherited the rifle and believe it is a Weaver from the late 60's, although I can't find a name on it anywhere.
  17. Optics and Accessories
    I'm in the market for a handgun scope to put on the T/C contender I recently bought, but when I first started looking into handgun optics I noticed two things: 1: There is a LOT less data and information about pistol optics online than rifle optics. and 2: There are very few options of quality...
1-17 of 17 Results