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    Hi My name is Cody Brown I am newish to MSGO but really like the forum and the members so far My question is Is it legal to buy guns across State Lines I live around Picayune MS So Louisiana and even Alabama are not very far and I find some good deals in both States that are worth driving a few...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    Yep, that what I told my wife. When am I going to learn to stay out of those places (hopefully never). I was just about to walk out when my eye caught this shotgun sitting on the end of the rack. It’s a Remington 870 Wingmaster with a 28” plain barrel. It is pretty much like new, very dusty as...
  3. Outdoors
    I had a great garden this year, everything was loaded and we canned and put up in the freezer and gave away a lot of everything, the picture is the last of tomatoes I picked yesterday, I am still picking okra, four different peppers, and purple hull peas, also made 16 jars of pepper sauce.
  4. Firearms Gallery
    So i ran the serial number in colt web site and it came back As this gun.
  5. Outdoors
    Finished my tky. Season Thursday Finally got my merriam Turkey in Nebraska Grand slam complete Good lord has been good to me
  6. Firearms Gallery
    Browning Hi Power GP Competition Walking around the Biloxi show, I came up on this Browning on a dealer table. After a few minutes I was like ok when you see something you never seen before buy it. So I did. I do not get excited about gun since I had and have several but this one has my...
  7. Long Guns
    I just got through adding a recoil pad and refinishing the wood. The case colors are still amazing on this old gun. A big thanks to a fellow forumite who sold it to me! Before After
  8. Long Guns
    Didn't have a measuring tape handy an quick google on how long my rpr is folded returned 30" Ordered a 36" case...
  9. General Firearms Discussion
    Seems it happened a couple of days ago but took a while to make the rounds. If its already posted here, disregard, couldn't find it. Shot himself in the leg holstering his weapon. Happened in the Museum range while instructing. First saw it on Reddit. Of course there is the long threads about...
  10. General Firearms Discussion
    One of the major Swiss newspapers, the Tages Anzeiger, is conducting an online survey as to whether the right to keep one's firearms at home is either "dangerous" (gefährlich) or good (gut). Please go to this link, scroll down until you see the Umfrage; the statement is "I think that in...
  11. General Firearms Discussion
    Hello all, I found this neat little Belgian made "Sable Baby" at a local pawn shop over the weekend. The guy had no idea what it was. He just thought it was a cool old pistol so he bought it from the guy that brought it in. I was able to get out with it my hands for a great price. It looked...
  12. General Firearms Discussion
    In Switzerland, they put a lot of trust in their long range marksmanship
  13. Handguns
    Marine Special Operations Command has decided to ditch the 4 year old, $22.5 million Colt specially made 1911, .45ACP for the 9x19 Glock 19. Replacement parts and cartridge availability on a global basis were major factors. The "Raiders" (Marine spec ops guys) also got a new badge for their...
  14. General Firearms Discussion
    New figures show over 900,000 suppressors in circulation Mostly thanks to Leadburner!!!!! :lol:
  15. General Firearms Discussion
    Sig Sauer offers popular rifles and pistols in a non-lethal form
  16. General Firearms Discussion
    Mossberg sues 12 companies over trigger patent
  17. General Firearms Discussion
    It takes them 2 years to tally up the numbers, so we won't know how many were sold in 2015 until 2017. I'm guessing a lot more. The Firearms Commerce Report in the United States is available for download (pdf) here: https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/data-statistics . Other reports on the...
1-17 of 17 Results