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    Pros and cons with this pistol,what are they? Got my hands on one today (just touched one,didn’t buy) and really like the feel of it in my hand.
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    I’m seriously looking at one of these pistols as a carry weapon. The sight looks like it would easy to use and I know it would help these old eyes. I had backed out a while back on selling my M&P 2.0 FDE but I could part with it to get one of these. I’ll study on it s’more. The reviews on the...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    SAS stands for Sig Anti-Snag. Sig removed the front and rear sights, sunk in a green dot to the rear of the slide and smoothed off the slide release as well. It’s completely smooth for a snag-free draw experience. I think I like it. This is a Guns and Gear video from Ryan Gresham.
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    ...at Osage guns. I ordered 2 and, even with shipping, they were less then $40 each, which is about $10 cheaper than any I have found locally. The link says "$37.99, but they are on sale. Buy Sig Sauer P365 9mm 12-Round Magazine for $37.99 | MAG-365-9-12
  5. General Firearms Discussion
    I waited patiently for the bugs to be worked out and for them to be more readily available. Love the gun, whats not to. It shoots great, its tiny, lite and comes with very good night sights. Its hard to even tell im carrying it even with the extended 12 round mag. Still mystified at how...
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    My son picked up a Sig P365 this weekend. I haven't shot it yet but I'm impressed with the way it feels. He's already shot several hundred rounds through it with no issues. If it shoots as good as it feels I may have to get one to replace my G43. Has anyone shot one or have one?
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    Shot 20 rounds through my new Sig P365 yesterday and am quite impressed. Easy to shoot with less perceived recoil than a Glock 43. The pistol is quite small with outstanding sights. The target was 8 yards
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    P365 | Sig Sauer I’m thinking I’d wait a couple of years before I’d consider getting one (recalls on new models seem all to common these days) but they claim this thing is the size of a Glock 43/M&P Shield but holds ten rounds in the flush magazine. I’m hoping it does well and find the idea...