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  1. Converting a 9MM PCC Question

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I've got a purpose built 9MM PCC. The Anderson lower uses Glock mags. If I want to convert to shoot .45ACP could I just swap out the upper? Is there anything else that I'd need to do?
  2. Ruger PCC

    General Firearms Discussion
    Does anyone here have any first-hand experience with the Ruger PCC? Thinking of getting one as a less expensive alternative to an AR type platform.
  3. TMMG's March Carbine Match - Saturday, March 17, 2018

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s March Carbine Match March 17, 2018 First carbine match of the year! Also Justin’s first match as TMMG’s MD!!! Five stages for this match. Two hoser stages, two technical stages, and one running stage. This match will be all paper targets. Maximum required shots...
  4. TMMG's February Multigun - Sunday, 18Feb18

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s February Multigun (1, 2, or 3Gun, pistol/PCC only ok) February 18, 2018 All of our matches are any gun you want to use. You can shoot the whole thing with a pistol if you want. The only time we will tell you what gun to use is if you are a 3GN member shooting a 3GN...
  5. TMMG August Shotgun Showdown (pistol and PCC welcome too)

    Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s August Shotgun Showdown Sunday - August 20 This is a “shotgun” match, but pistols and PCC’s are welcome! The targets will be 90% steel and 10% paper, so you can shoot whatever you want. Shotguns are not required. This will be super quick setup, reset, and tear...
  6. Team Magnolia Multigun Club - Anniversary Carbine Match - Saturday - December 17

    Team Magnolia Multigun Carbine Match 1 Year Anniversary Saturday, December 17 This is the one year anniversary of the founding of Team Magnolia Multigun Club. We will be having a lunch party after the match. We would appreciate all who are able to come join us! We will have 7 divisions...
  7. RCPS Fall Rifle Rendezvous - October 29 - Woodville, AL

    The RCPS Fall Rifle Rendezvous is an outlaw rifle only match similar in style to a USPSA pistol match and will use hit factor scoring. Since this is an outlaw match we will use a mix of target styles (USPSA, 1/2 scale USPSA, IDPA, or others. We will have 6-7 stages that include long and short...
  8. Team Magnolia Multigun - World War II Match and the Beginner’s Intro to 3Gun - Sunday, November 20

    Team Magnolia Multigun World War II Match and the Beginner’s Intro to 3Gun - Sunday, November 20 It’s the World War II match because the all of the arrays are 8 shot neutral for Garands, 1911s, and pump shotguns. There is a separate division for WW2 arms. This is the Beginner’s match because...
  9. Team Magnolia - Carbine Match - Sunday - August 21

    In honor of our new subforum, I decided to unveil our most anticipated match of the year so far: Team Magnolia Multigun Carbine Match Sunday, August 21 Since it’s rifle only we will only use paper targets and walls. So setup, teardown, and reset will be easy with no steel. We are trying...
  10. Team Magnolia - Carbine Match - Saturday, July 16

    Competition Shooting/Area Shoots
    I am going ahead and posting this because I'm hoping that people will put it on their calendars now and plan to attend. Team Magnolia Multigun - Carbine Match Saturday, July 16 No belt rigs or holsters! No reloads! Untucked shirts! We know it’s hot this time of year so we are having a little...