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  1. Philadelphia licensed gun owner claims self defense in shooting of 3 teens aboard bus

    Mississippi Concealed Carry
    So this guy shoots 3 teens, classic self defense scenario. Poor guy being lawful in his right to be armed will be demonized for shooting these "helpless" kids. Where is Philly's PD? These kids were out riding the bus around 1am in the morning and thought this would be a fast hit but they...
  2. Philadelphia Gun Show!!

    Central Mississippi
    December 1 & 2! Who's going?? Might be interesting since the midterms will be done!! Could be a mass rush if the dems get control of anything!!!
  3. New Member from Philadelphia

    New Member Welcome Center
    New member here! I've been shooting all my life, and I'm interested in getting more into C&R/mil-surp's!
  4. Philadelphia Gun Show

    General Firearms Discussion
    Gun show this weekend (Dec 3&4) at the Neshoba County Coliseum. It is usually a good show. Hope the rain doesn't dampen spirits too much.