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  1. PhillipD - new steel pattern

    General Firearms Discussion
    This might interest you. :D Covid shaped steel targets. Excerpt:
  2. Phillipd - You in your new building yet?

    North Mississippi
    Phillip - was wondering if you are in your new building yet? If so I (we) would love to see some pictures....Thanks Mark
  3. phillipd A++

    General Firearms Discussion
    Can’t for the life of me figure out how to make the ratings system work so I’ll just leave my review here. @phillipd is A O.K. This was my second deal with him. First was through postal order, second was a FTF trade today. Both transactions were quick and painless. Highly recommend doing...
  4. PhillipD - Mitch's Colts

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Been down to Mitch's lately? Stopped in yesterday and noticed a couple of wood pistol boxes on the counter. Opened them up and guess what was inside? One was a 2nd model Colt 45 heavily engraved with original ivory grips. Opened up the other one and there lay a 1878 1st model. You ever...
  5. Hey, PhillipD

    General Firearms Discussion
    What do you think about this plate rack? Other than it being really expensive. :) SOCOM Rack- America's Best Plate Rack for Sale