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  1. Outdoors
    Please don,t mind any cob webs or dust. It is not officially spring yet for spring cleaning is it? This is the 8 point that I broke my shoulder, arm and back on down in the bottom of a creek . I needed the practice, I might want to post a gun for sale sometimes.
  2. Handguns
    my modest collection of working 1911,they get shot. I have 6 others mothballed,more of investment (colt,old and new mix) and not to be shot (one I did,enjoyed it but wished I hadn’t). Hopefully they keep growing as I do enjoy tinkering with them,as money and time allows. Top to bottom RIA...
  3. Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club
    These drone pictures are from today (1-7-19) around noon. East side is high & dry. West side is setup for ducks. You can still get to both the 200yd and 300yd berms. Notice the two giant debris piles left over from the latest range improvements. Poor plate rack...... However...
  4. Gunsmithing
    I don,t download pictures often but I want to do this one. Check out the Irritated heading and scroll down. I wanted to take the pictures outside but was pushed for time when finished.
  5. Outdoors
    Deer season is upon us, post em as Yall kill em!!
  6. MidState Firearms
    This thread is for photos, feedback, and reviews. Let us know any comments and new product suggestions as well. We may post some additional photos of new/cool products here too. Feel free to check out the site and contact us if you need help with anything. www.MidStateFirearms.com...
1-6 of 19 Results