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    Hello all been a member several months. Never posted anything.
  2. Blades
    I just posted 4 of my autos in classified. They have been babied. Tax bill has to be paid.
  3. Gunsmithing
    That is if you are in a talking dispostion, Last week I started a cemo type med for my arthritis, so I have been piddling for a couple hours in the afternoon. I am getting pretty good at taking things apart.Tonight I worked on a antique 410 bolt action shotgun with a tube magazine. You load this...
  4. Firearms Gallery
    Glock in Battleworn FDE/Black Another Glock in Battleworn - Note the Crimson Red thumbprint from a 'bloody presscheck' Another Battleworn job in FDE on a Spike's Tactical First job with the new Cerakote Formula, man this stuff is slick - Smoke Gray / Black Ol' Reliable he called it...
  5. Press Talk
    Gun Test: Sauer 100 Classic XT
  6. Mississippi Gun Laws
    It seems UMMC has posted new signs, or at least I have not noticed them before. This one was posted at the entrance to a parking lot for the University of Mississippi Medical Center main campus in Jackson. (first observed 9/6/16) I've read the AG Opinion No. 2011-00365 I've also read IHL...