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  1. Been a member, never posted anything.

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    Hello all been a member several months. Never posted anything.
  2. My autos posted in classified.

    I just posted 4 of my autos in classified. They have been babied. Tax bill has to be paid.
  3. No body has posted lately here, what ya,ll been working on??

    That is if you are in a talking dispostion, Last week I started a cemo type med for my arthritis, so I have been piddling for a couple hours in the afternoon. I am getting pretty good at taking things apart.Tonight I worked on a antique 410 bolt action shotgun with a tube magazine. You load this...
  4. Haven't posted any Cerakote Jobs in a while..... here are a few

    Firearms Gallery
    Glock in Battleworn FDE/Black Another Glock in Battleworn - Note the Crimson Red thumbprint from a 'bloody presscheck' Another Battleworn job in FDE on a Spike's Tactical First job with the new Cerakote Formula, man this stuff is slick - Smoke Gray / Black Ol' Reliable he called it...
  5. Fox Posted A Gun Review

    Press Talk
    Gun Test: Sauer 100 Classic XT
  6. UMMC post new signs

    Mississippi Gun Laws
    It seems UMMC has posted new signs, or at least I have not noticed them before. This one was posted at the entrance to a parking lot for the University of Mississippi Medical Center main campus in Jackson. (first observed 9/6/16) I've read the AG Opinion No. 2011-00365 I've also read IHL...