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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    This photo was shared just now on a Florida gun forum. It was taken at the Bass Pro Shop in Dania Beach, which adjoins Ft. Lauderdale. What BS! It's time to boycott Bass Pro.
  2. Long Guns
    Steyr Arms to close out Pro Hunter rifle series
  3. Handguns
    I'm looking into buying a .38 revolver for a small carry and the 2 that keep reappearing in my hand are the S&W 642 and Ruger Lcr both are 5 shot .38 specials . Does anyone have and advise on these 2 or is there another option in this size ?
  4. Optics and Accessories
    Finally got my order after waiting what seems like forever. Sent the check in early August and today i got a package of goodies in. Now ill have onboard video recording so i can share some night time hog blasting.
  5. Training
    Anybody buy one of these home training things? I've been playing with my buddies and it seems like it works good.
41-45 of 64 Results