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  1. New project in planning

    About 8 years or so ago I bought a nice Remington 30-06 ADL for the 50 mm Leupold scope vari-x111. I am not a big fan of the 30.06 compared to 7mm or 270 guns. So I bid on a 7mm08 barrel tonight. Like I need any more projects now that it is the middle of deer season.Wish me luck.
  2. Got a new project to refurbish, and repair. This old gun.

    A friend brought me an abused and neglected Belgium Browning Auto-5. Before I get too far in, I am going to take some pictures. I don,t know the whole story.The gun came from over 100 miles away. It looks like the gun was found in a barn . The rear stock is broken off. Some of the parts are...
  3. Project Guardian gun violence reduction plan from DOJ

    Press Talk
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Launch of Project Guardian – A Nationwide Strategic Plan to Reduce Gun Violence Initiative emphasizes enforcing gun prohibitions based on domestic violence convictions and mental health denials Today...
  4. Wifey found a new project for me during the holidays

    I'll post photos when I get back to hotel room. 6shot revolver, can't make out roll marks, can see a 4 didgit number when opening the cambers. .44 MAG fits Was stored, wrapped in a rag, no oil, in a box in a garage for est.15 yrs. So it's got surface rust, maybe some pitting, can't tell till...
  5. Bluing a project gun.. Need guidance.

    Recently purchased an old Taurus Model 82 police revolver in .38 special. She's no looker. Plenty of holster wear and a couple of small dings and nicks. The original rubber grips are pretty worn as well. Despite it's rough appearance, it's in very good mechanical condition and is fairly...
  6. 7.62x39mm shadow box project

    I finally settled on what to do with the various 7.62 x 39mm cartridges I had and that several of you were so generous as to send me. I printed a photo of a USSR-era AKM 47 poster and made a little 5x7" shadow box: From L to R: EG "Platzpatrone", EG " 43 Übungspatrone", ball, orange, purple...
  7. 74 Marlin 30-30 Project

    Firearms Gallery
  8. New Chinese AK project

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    I have had this Norinco MAK91 for many years so I decided the thumb-hole has got to go. I recently placed an order with Matt @ Ironwood Designs for a traditional AK buttstock. Now I just have to wait for it to be made.
  9. Mystery project Enfield No4mk1

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    I traded into a mystery. An obvious wartime Enfield No4mk1 (the machining marks give it away). That's were the mystery begins. Almost every Mark is scrubbed except for the serial on both the tang and barrel shank. There are remnants of proof marks none of them complete but it's obvious they...
  10. Future project

    9mm........it rough but serviceable Was brought to me......just like the stainless Ruger lol
  11. Afternoon Project

    Since my divorce a year and a half ago I have not done any reloading because my bench was built into our house that she ended up with. I did however manage to escape with all my reloading gear LOL! So today I recruited my partner at the PD to take off a little early and help me build a new...
  12. Project - Wal Mart 870

    Long Guns
    Alright, our local WM has 870's for sale at $260, just the base express model. I have one already set up to hunt with, but I want another with a shorter barrel for hime defense. Also, I just don't want to swap barrels all the time. I think it would be easier to buy this one and shorten the...
  13. Another Project Gun

    Long Guns
    I have pretty much quit buying project guns since I don't have time to mess with them anymore but I spotted one yesterday at a pawn shop that looked interesting. They were getting ready to close and had already locked the guns up so I couldn't look at it. I ran back over there at lunch today...
  14. New Project

    AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III
    Picked up the beginnings of my next project on Armslist yesterday, an 8" 9mm AR barrel. I've been wanting a 9mm pistol AR for a while and I was planning to get a PSA 8" complete upper. Unfortunately they've been out of stock for a while. I've accumulated enough parts that the only thing I...
  15. Scarface AR Project

    General Firearms Discussion
    Those of you who have seen the movie Scarface, specially the ending scene when he has an M16 with the 203 on it with the iconic "Say Hello to my Little Friend!", have to admit it is a pretty badass moment in movie history. So in retrospect to that one scene I've been working on a project with...
  16. Newest arisaka project done (for the most part anyway)

    Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder
    Well for the past couple of weeks I've been working on getting this little gem somewhat cleaned up and functioning and I think I've made good progress in that field. I took some BLO and wiped that across the stock a few times over the weeks since the coliseum show in Biloxi and now the markings...
  17. My current gun project

    Well, there is a thread that asks "what y'all been working on". Here is my current pistol project. I was given a 1959 Colt Police Positive revolver. It was all rusted and stuck together. I took it apart and all the internals were stuck together with rust. The rust was a fine coat and nothing was...
  18. Wild Hair trigger swap project

    As stated I got a wild hair for a lighter trigger on my Savage model 10 FCP-SR in 6.5 CM. Ordered a Rifle Basix SAV-2. It's suppose to be adjustable down to 4ozs. Trigger received & I started the swap out yesterday. Didn't get completed until today. Trigger comes partially assembled. I watched...
  19. My latest project

    Well, I haven't been around the forum in a while.... I haven't been experiencing the best of health..... But that is another story for another day. My latest project..... I have had a hankerin' flung on me for a presentation box for my Remington double derringer. I looked around the net at a...
  20. Interesting Project

    Yesterday I had a young man stop by with a very interesting project. He brought me a Weatherby Vanguard that his father had got for him some years ago. The rifle shot fairly good for an off the shelf budget rifle but would not shoot to the young man's ability. He had added a Timmeny trigger and...