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  1. Whidden v Redding Dies

    General Firearms Discussion
    Whidden dies worth the extra chedda? I posted in reloading forum and may not have been seen. Appreciate Leadburner's feedback. Anyone used both and was their much difference in group size?
  2. Whidden FL Bushing Die Set vs. Redding Type S Competition (.308)

    Only saw one thread that mentioned Whidden Dies. Are they worth the extra $? Are either going to make much of a difference if not shooting a trued, super awesome straight shooter (S.A.S.S.- :D)
  3. 45-70 Expander for Lead Bullets

    I'm seating some lead bullets in my 45-70 and my expander doesn't expand the case mouth enough for my lead bullets (.459 & .460). I'm using Redding dies which work fine for .458 jacketed bullets. I can't seem to find if Redding sells an oversize expander. Or, if I get another expander die...