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  1. Bayou Redfish madness!!

    Check out the new video
  2. The redfish shooter!

    General Firearms Discussion
    Just a note to say that Hoot G, myself and Jim, a friend from Texas, went on a morning charter fishing trip with Captain Joey Garriga out of Pass Christian Harbor. Cap'n Joey really put us on the fish and we probably caught over fifty! Unfortunately, only eight of them were legal :-( Redfish...
  3. Redfish in da bayou

    Any support on the channel would be greatly appreciated! Here is a fishing video I put together!
  4. Bayou redfish catch and cook!

    enjoy the video fellas I have some more on the channel! Feel free to watch and subscribe for more! Thanks for the support
  5. Chandeleur island saltwater fishing video!

    My buddies and I went to Chandeleur island and caught some nice trout and had a great time last year! Check it out!